Where is the high value ore on null sec?

I have tried mining in low sec and I have tried to mine in null for those ores that are high value but I cant seem to find anything on them and they only have pyroxeres which is already pretty common in highsec

Do you mean NPC nullsec or Sov nullsec? They have slightly different mechanics.

NPC nullsec relies on cosmic signatures and belts to generate ore, and is dependent on the truesec of the system. The closer a system’s truesec to -1.0, the better the ore you will find in the belts, like Mercoxit. Belts in NPC nullsec are rare as CCP has removed many of them – I think in 2020 or 2021? – so sometimes your access to a belt is dependent on local politics, timezones, etc.

Sov nullsec relies on the industry ADM and iHub upgrades which spawn in better cosmic signatures that will contain Mercoxit. Not sure how iHub affects belts or if the belts are still only affected by a system’s truesec.

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Didnt know that npc and sovereign null have different mechanics. Thanks for the help bud!

As far as I am aware the Ihubs only effect the cosmic signatures and not the belts, when I was mining in Null we’d clear a site to creat a new one so they were constantly on demand content, the sooner you cleared one the sooner you got another… that was a while ago though so I’m not sure how the game has changed with reguards to null sec mining. When I was mining we all working on clearing the site as quickly as possible to spawn the next, so no one mined in the belts.

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