Is it possible to solo mine in Null Sec?


So I am used to mining in a venture with drones in high sec, but I just recently got out to Null-Sec with my Corp/Alliance. I was wondering if it is possible to solo mine in Null? What ships and fits do you recommend? I just haven’t been able to find anyone in my alliance putting together a mining fleet.


Lol thats not possible.
Everysingle nullsec alliance i’ve been in had multiples rorqual fleets, with hulks and stuff.

So you fly in venture, you’re alpha or just beginner ?

Well… it’s certainly possible to solo mine in null sec, not exactly recommended. If you’re an Alpha that can only fly a Venture, talk to your corp and get in on a moon mining fleet. Even in a Venture a couple hours slurping up moon goo should give you a decent infusion of money when you sell it (especially if you’re a newbro). After that you will eventually want to get a better mining ship. However even if you’re not moon mining, you’re much better off in a fleet. It’s safer then being alone if enemies come along, if a porpoise or orca is providing boosts you collect ore faster, and also it’s more fun and social to chat with your fleetmates.

If you’re really set on solo-mining for some reason and you can only fly a venture, equip some gas miners on it, probe down a wormhole and start ninja-huffing. It pays pretty good, can be exciting, and pays better then what you get from your usual asteroid.

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To echo what Donky said, you can solo mine in other peoples’ nullsec pretty easily with a Prospect, though I’d recommend fitting for covert scanning a NS>Thera>NS route, and carry a mobile depot with your gas/miner equipment. Best practices include bookmarking safes if you can, aligning @ 10m/s, etc. Keep an eye on the map for activity indicators such as average pilots in space and ships killed in your destination system.

That said, the above isn’t necessarily more profitable or exciting than Venture huffing in other peoples’ WH. Just set a ≈15-20" timer when you land on the cloud since NPCs will spawn there unceremoniously. Smash that D-scan button frequently then make off while you can.

Yes absolutely. Pirates are going to be a real problem and neutrals will seriously cut into your efficiency as you run from them. Recommend joining a null corp, subbing up for 30-90 days, get PI going, drop sub and PLEX after that.

Im in TEST on my main account, but it will be awhile before I can sub.

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