Solo mining operation within nullsec npc regions - Worth the risk?

So, deploying a mining operation (Tatara, Rorqual, 10+ Hulks, and stuff) within a nullsec npc region, being only by yourself. Assuming to do it in a system of a dead end pipe, and having another account (a control guard account) at least 2 jumps away, watching it on other monitor to prevent yourself against ganks.
Do you think it’s worth/or not/or maybe, to take this risk?

As long as you can stop all of the Industrial Cores running and jump/warp out to a safe spot in times, you should be good.

But if your presence get noticed… Be prepared to pay an heavy Asset Safety price. Or straight up lose ten Rorquals.


Now that you have posted about it on forums, it might be even at higher risk.


Dead end pipe is not exactly new and in null anyone can hot drop past your lookout.

You want to do null indie without PvP, be a renter.

Nah, you’ll be fine…you’ve got the gate watched…there’s only one way into the system…

Get those rorquals mining!

Post in this thread the huge amount of isk you’re making and update it once in a while, ok?

  1. Your sarcasm is bad.
  2. Not 10+ Rorquals. I’m talking about a Rorqual and 10+ Hulks.
  3. Is many people that is doing this, right now.
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Boy, you try to encourage someone’s good idea and they just insult you.

It’s doable but only if you’re seasoned.

I’ve seen it done before many times.

Message me in game if you need a scout.

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I just don’t see a solo operation working because someone could easily jump Bridge into you they could use a covert ship cyno in and you’re screwed

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They won’t waste time with all that in NPC null pipes just for a rorqual when there are heaps of things to kill in mainland null.

Good scouting can easily allow him to avoid threats at all costs, even wormhole ones.

I’m not worried about that I’m worried about the roaming gangs

Buy a permit and nobody will touch your mining op. :wink:

*No am not a code agent (though I can sell you a permit just as well). :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you use the rorqual just for compression and boosts and insure it without excavators you won’t lose much even if it’s caught . Ofcourse granted you can warp the hulks in time to safety.

Keep your eyes on local chat and you are 100% safe!

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