NS access for solo miner?

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while my corp is looking into getting us to NS - I was wondering if the idea of renting a space/spot for a single player is something possible? I’m sick and tired of the HS mineral and would like to start exploring some new one, do you guys feel that this would even be an option for renters?

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Everything is possible, until someone finds you.

If you are able to pay the monthly fee by yourself, why not… We are talking about several billions here…

No reason why you couldn’t do that. Be aware though, there will be some hurdles. Rent will be a few billion a month, your system might only have the default one or two ore anomalies, and you won’t have anywhere in-system to dock. But, if you want to bring your own citadel or park a Rorq and shoot rocks, it’s probably viable.

Billion a month would be probably for a larger group, maybe lower if the request came from a single user?

thank for the feedback though!

Try NPC nullsec and live out of an NPC station. Its free. You will still need to solve for most of the same problems. But you can mine that new ore you want.

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My experience has been that the cost is set by the value of the system, not the person renting. It doesn’t matter if you’re 1 person or 100.

You could try NPC null. Lots of empty space.

I will take a look at the NPC indeed, I believe dotlan should be able to list the NPC station

You can daytrip into a wormhole from high sec. It’s pretty safe if you use your commonsense. You can base yourself in a quiet high sec pocket as far away from trade hubs as possible so you don’t get people passing through your wormhole. You can then probe the systems next to your base and choose the wormhole that looks the safest. You can mine until your hold is full and transport it directly back into high sec.

If you mine in NPC null, you have the issue of hauling your ore back into high sec. Plus locals may identify you as a miner and harass you until you leave. But with wormhole daytripping, you have a fresh new wormhole every day.

Yeah, NPC null. Go to Outer Ring (ore space) and really live the mining dream!

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I wasn’t aware wormhole spawning was so reliable.
I’ll have to check into ninja mining wh’s

Not worth the time to go solo in NS unless you’re ratting or exploring, mining there will only net you being podded and placed back in HS.


Search for Gas-Clouds in J-Space.
Scan them down and start sucking on it.
With a cheap T1 venture you can easily capture 20-40M per hour.

GO Wh space.

I’ve heard gas is profitable. Never touched it though. I only contribute to making and selling drugs irl. (Weed only)
Seems wrong somehow to do it irl then turn around and do it in video games.

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