At three Man corporation all Omega

Okay since I evidently made the original post too long I’ll come back and I’ll dumb it down I want to eventually get down to NS how many accounts would I need to do it solo and what account

would they need to be like carriers or Titans I was thinking about making one jump freighter one rorqual and one Titan account
how many accounts do I need to make an successful mining operation

In NS as a single solo player

also what type of structure would I need what’s the minimum I can get away with for docking capitals.

how can I rent space could someone give me some information on that too that’d be great.


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What is it you want to do?

Peter Fonda had the answer to that question.


miner is trolling you :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

No seriously I was questioned how many accounts would I need to play solo because I’m really finding it hard to recruit

TBH, as someone who does play solo, don’t.

Solo is Eve on hardmode, even more so if you have structures or are running multiple alts at a time.

Recruitment wise you need to concentrate on specifics, a corp that does everything is rarely a good one because the leadership often has no direction.

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You would have to rent a system. There used to be tons of space to rent, I assume there still is.
I would imagine you could check the market forum or reddit.

The question is, could you generate enough income playing solo to cover your rent and expenses.

Back in the day I had a had dozen or so Corp mates that decided to split off and go rent space in Null.
Problem they had was there were never enough of them on at the same time to defend against roaming gangs, so they spent most of the time sitting in a POS and not making ISK.
That would be the problem doing it solo I think.

If you dont know any of this tbvh you will probably just die a lot, bu do let us know if you do manage to get space; im interested to see how it goes :slight_smile:

There are NPC stations in Null you can live at. Lots of people live there and hunt the locals.
Otherwise, consider joining a Null alliance as an Alt Corp.

Okay, as a person who both lived in null and lived in null alone, ill answer this.

First, how many accounts you want, depends on what you want to do and how much you want to risk.

If youre getting any capital, you will need a cyno alt. So thats atleast 2 accounts.

Titans are useless alone. Best use is a carrier or supercarrier.

Depends on what you mean by “successful”, but just one, i suppose.

If you go for a rorqual though, it will be a very juicy target, and you will be hot-dropped. So the risk is high, especially if youre alone, and even if youve got a carrier or super standing by, without a support fleet, you will be a very juicy target.

Captials, a minimum of Sotiyo, Fortizar or keepstar.

Super capitals, like titans, only a keepstar.

So youll be looking at a minimum of 10 billion isk for regular capitals, and 100+ billion to dock a supercapital.

Depends on the renter, but most places will ask anywhere between 1-5 billion isk a month. Whether they offer protection, is up to the renter, but best not to rely on them.

Price will differ based on location and whats inside the system. A system that is a quiet dead-end location will cost more, a system in the middle of a traffic route will cost less.

All in all, youre looking at:

10 bill for a structure.
2-3 bill monthly to rent a system.
10 bill for a jump freighter.
10 bill for a rorqual.
2-3 bill for a carrier.

and two 20-30 million skill point characters.

If you go for a super, youre looking at:
100 billion for the structure.
15-20 bill for the supercarrier.

Its doable, but risky, and costly. 50 bill starting, plus 2 characters with 20 mill SP, is the minimum you’d need.


Not to mention that for renters anchoring their own structures is not something that is allowed Boy everyone. Usually there are agreements such as “give us tue Station, we will set it up under Tour alliance” in order not to provide possible enemy staging grounds

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Instead of nullsec solo, I would consider a lowclass wormhole instead as a solo player.

What do you call a newb that is willing to spend thousands on PLEX for his video game fantasy not realizing he will lose every last bit of it in a matter of days?

PA will call you a whale. The nicer among us will call you naive. The typical among us will call you a mark as they prepare to destroy you utterly. And the worst among us will call you names in C&P as they regale us with tales of how they ripped you off for billions worth of assets.

So…good luck. I guess?

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Do not be naive, preparation already started …

If you wanna control a system, it’s not possible with playing alone. You need to buy Plex to get citadel carrying ships. To get million worth skills , you need to be Omega clone. An alpha clone like me can’t do anything in this game. That’s why I do mining when I need money and roam in the W space. All I can do here is opening a one man Corp with a cool name. And I will do that soon.

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