Any way to settle down in null-sec as a loner, w/o getting constantly killed?

Hi there,

Im an old character, tired of living in the high-sec and my playstyle is the casual player/loner. I’d really like to fly all the capital ships that are only available in low-sec and lower systems. Im not afraid of losing ships and money, but I dont like to get harrassed all day long, because I might not be tolerated in the region, where I would try to live.

This said, Im not trying to get recruited by any Corp and Im not sure if I can become part of an Alliance with my “Ray’s One Man Show”-Corp. But maybe there is a region that tolerates player like me, where I can do my business and might be any help to other people there at some time.

Any suggestions for me?

You might be able to look at Renting a system. Our Alliance VINDICTIVE Rent Out some Quality Space in Outer Passage join VINDI_Public for Details o7

Null isnt meant to be solo. With the blackout, if you wana solo you gona need alts for scouting. Constant dscanning. You will need active intel for neighbour systems and pray to god there isnt an awoxer in ur system while you ratt with carriers or rorq mine.
Good luck. You will need it

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