Best NPC Null space to live in?

(Nyx Nirvana) #1

Not too worried about standings loss. Solo - 3-man corp looking to get into NPC null. Which faction would be the best to go for in terms of isk-making?

Thanks o7

(Peta Chieve) #2

Depends what sort of ISK making you intend to do.

lvl 5 missions, DED sites, mining, ratting, moons etc.

Ask your lads what they would most likely be prepared to do for incomes and go from there.

Wanna chat more feel free to join my discord, I am no expert on space, however i’d have no issue being a wall to bounce ideas off of o7

Best of luck and have a good one o/

(Lady Ayeipsia) #3

The problem is that the more lucratice NPC null space will also have ample competition and be subject to PvP roams passing through.

Additionally with the upcoming shift to moon mining and removal of non NPC stations in null, life in NPC space may get more crowded.

That said, sansha tends yo be profitable from an LP store and salvage.

(Nyx Nirvana) #4


Mostly combat site running/escalations/belt ratting probably. I’m aware that there are a TON more anoms in SOV Null, but I’d most likely just want to do my own thing, without having to follow the rules, regulations and hinderences of a SOV Alliance.

That being said, if anyone can reccomend a SOV Corp/Alliance that lets casuals in, and generally lets people do what they want, I’d appreciate that.

If I went with my corp, it’d probably be the same, just with a bit of Industry/PI on the side.

Thanks, o7

(I also joined your Discord. See ya there :D)

(March rabbit) #5

Looking at global economical stats for various periods of time the best region of space is where Goonswarm is settled in :rofl:

(Lady Ayeipsia) #6

For casual, maybe see if Brave Newbies or Pandemic Legion work. I recall a few RvB members going to both and being quite happy with the freedom and flexibility.

Alternatively, have you thought of wormhole raiding to nul? Risky but you could scan down a wormhole connection from hi sec through a few wormholes to nul. Run to the spot, raid a few anoms, and come back home. It has it’s own risks and requires time but you would do well. Alternatively, skip null and raid C1-C3 wormhole sites from hi sec.

(Neuntausend) #7

That’s not because of the space, though. A couple thousand industrious worker bees will do that to the statistics.

(erg cz) #8

There are more than 6000 chars in karma fleet. Pandemic Horde Inc. has over 11000… How do you think they are going to control if you do " follow the rules, regulations and hinderences of a SOV Alliance" or not? Get lost in large collective and you are OK.

Do not underestimate the intel channel. Occasional raids from high sec into null via WH will not give you that.

(Neuntausend) #9

Most “rules, regulations and hindrances of a sov alliance” exist to ensure that you do not mess with blues or with alliance operations. Believe me, if you mess with blues or with alliance operations, someone is bound to notice sooner or later, even in a clusterfuck like Karma. If you just break the rules without affecting anyone, it’s as if you had not broken the rules in the first place.

(Blade Darth) #10

Large alliances are a place for extroverts, if you like being constantly interrupted, watch chat channels blink all the time and listen to dozens of people without push to talk on voice comms, it’s a place for you.

Speaking of getting lost, it’s easy to get “under the radar” in a ratting destroyer or a t1 explorer frig, but try to krab in something bigger than a cruiser during a CTA.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #11

Intel channels are nice. However there are vast stretches of nul that are dead. Very vast stretches. If you are wormhole raiding, you search for such areas where any local spike means you cloak up and wait.

(ocsta) #12

NPC space has no lvl 5 missions mate.

(Peta Chieve) #13


Is it lvl 4s i’m thinking of then O.o?

(Lady Ayeipsia) #14

Level 5s are low sec only.

Level 4s exist in null. However, nul agents are pirate factions. You may have to run a lot of lower level missions to gain access to level 4s.

Remember, LP payout is based on sec status of the agent’s system. This is why an agent in .5 pays more LP than one in a .8 space. Nil agents pay more LP as the sec status is low.

(Inactive Seller) #15

Well, my own experience is Fountain is better in resources than other parts of null. I had access to many areas, and fountain have many options to enter, but really you note the difference in minerals and Planetary Interactions, at least.

(Nyx Nirvana) #16

When I say “rules, regulations and hindrances of a sov alliance”, I mean along the lines of “I can’t just put an astrahus down and do the activities I want to do, rather than getting involved in wars and the like”

(Neuntausend) #17

Aye. People will certainly notice that. Although Astrohouses should be fine with most blocs.

(Zanar Skwigelf) #18

Renting is what you are looking for if you want sov null instead of NPC null.

(Inactive Seller) #19

normally i suggest the guys of dot dot dot or renters of them, for a three man corp maybe much $$$ to rent.

(Nyx Nirvana) #20

Not sure if 1-3 people are enough to keep the ADM in a system up