How to play with just one account

I used to be one of those quirky folk, who had 4 accounts and Id mine for hours staring blankly at my screen… something about the sound of rocks really got me up in the morning… I can understand the Pros(and cons?) of having multiple accounts.

Now I find myself gearing up to explore the rest of eve, PVE first, but WH/Null and so forth. I am down to 2 accounts. I wonder though, can I reasonably go nomad with one account?..the thought of it sounds scarrier than when i first jumped through a low sec gate…

Admittedly one reason Im considering it is I can reasonably get 60 large injectors from my second account and run up my other toon.

Can one reasonably play Eve on one account ? are their any pros to it? can you convince me to go to one account? (because convincing me to add more accounts is likely an easier argument)

End goal- regardless of one account or two- nomadic pve life outside of highsec.

Eve is really designed to promote group game-play so the best way to do most solo game-play is with at least two accounts.

You can do it with one if you are willing to take the risks, though you will frequently end up with very slow movements and find yourself in no-win situations a lot.

I have found all of this interesting since most people I’ve known have done a mix of solo and group game-play. Though it does help CCPs bottom line to make is so much easier to have two accounts. :grinning:

Make friends.

Having extra accounts is a WORK AROUND for people who play MMOs alone.

The primary way to play the game is to make friends and use teamwork.

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Yes, you can.

My first corp was a nomadic nullsec group that taught its membership how to survive as predominantly solo travelers in nullsec.

They were really good at it, too. I didn’t really appreciate all they taught me at the time, as I was just too new at the game to understand how valuable what the CEO taught actually was.

You just have to spend more time examining the ingame statistics/map and learn to interpret what those stats can tell you about what is happening in the game; and select and fit a ship appropriately for what you want to do.

You have to be more patient, and cunning. You have to get used to never warping gate to gate unless you’re feeling frisky and the only one in local. *Note this does not apply in wh space, as local is delayed there.

zkill is your friend for activity updates as well. When I’m traversing a hotly contested area I always consult it, too.

If you find yourself frequently in one or two areas of space…make friends! Intel is often passed along, even if you’re not a corp or alliance member if you’re one of “us”. I’ve received intel numerous times, in npc null, due to being one of “us” even though I wasn’t an official member of “neighborhood”. And remember to repay those incidental kindnesses whenever you can. If you are a solo traveler, no one has to tell you anything…like how that guy that just entered the system is a notorious pirate, who doesn’t honor ransoms.

If you’re solo, and you suspect a gate camp ahead along your projected route…go around. There are plenty of ways to get around New Eden.

Any isk making activity you engage in…can be stopped at a moment’s notice, if you suspect trouble has just entered the system. Warp to your safe spot. Cloak up. You don’t have to shoot that last rat or get that last can. Greed causes more pilots to lose ships in this game than…well, than you can shake a stick at.

Of course, that can be flipped, too. If you develop a fondness for pvp, disguising yourself as an innocent ratter or explorer has it advantages, as well.

New Eden is a beautiful place. Sometimes, I travel just for the sheer joy of all the little details CCP put into the game. Cloud Ring is a particular favorite of mine.

is a wonderful resource.

But, the long and the short of it is you can.

I’d advise you to try it first, and see if your comfort level will accommodate a solo lifestyle. You may find you need a scout, or you may not. :grinning:

Extracting skill points is an expensive process. You don’t want to make a mistake you’ll regret later.

But, having noted that, I circumnavigated the cluster at 6 months, I’ve been to more than 2/3s of the systems in New Eden.

And no one can take those memories from me.

I’ve played solo, and with groups.

Both are good.



I’m surprised that you find it necessary to ask. Many players only have one account.

But if you really need a reason then here’s one: why not?!

When you’ve never done it then you might actually find it challenging and fun. Many players choose to use multiple accounts out of a need for safety. If it’s to make extra ISKs, to mine more, to scout ahead, or to kill bigger targets, the need for multiple accounts is often based on wanting a bit more safety through numbers.

Perhaps start by asking yourself if you want less or more safety in your EVE life. This should give you an idea on which direction to choose - more or less.

Doing wormhole activities without watching all the connecting holes into your wormhole tends to have negative results.

perhaps, and in many ways you are right… When I first started, I think I jumped into 3-4 accounts near immediately (such was the allure of mining rocks). So now its kind of been ingrained in me, and Im re-examining various aspects :slight_smile:

Suddenly a wild K162 appears.

I play with one account and the only place I don’t feel good going is a wormhole. Between d-scan and local chat the rest of the space is just so much easier for a solo player.

Who has got time to play more than one account? I don’t understand this thread.

Sure, it’s possible. I’m playing with only one char for 5 years. Some things are even easier, and more satisfying without alts. Though there are mainly three things you can’t do without alts in EvE: operating capitals, being in a player corp with keeping access to highsec, and highsec ganking.

I had one account for years before getting a second account, and in the near future that 2nd account will be going alpha so technically down to one account too. It can be done 2 accounts make things easier for sure but it can be done.

I would try it first before sucking all the SP out of the other account thought

Some times just “have friends” don’t solves the problem…
“Eve is made to play with friends” is not an argument…

That’s why:

  1. You’re a industrialist and need a scout to haul things. Your friend may not be 100% available to help you to scout, and maybe he is not online when you need it…
  2. You need a cyno to make a jump. You call your friend: "Hey bud can you light me a cyno beacon ? It’s 48 jumps from where you are, thats ok? And suposing he accepts, he would say: That’s ok bro, just wait me finish this 1 hour pve site i am running and i will help you…

So, for some actions, CCP want you to pay omega and have a second account.

Cyno is one of those things you HAVE to have a 2nd account for if you feel you need to do that sort of thing.

Otherwise there is always alts.

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