PVE activities doable with 1 single character in null-sec

I play with only one character logged in at one time (no multibox of any kind). I do this because I am a “casual” player, because I have less time to play.

I don’t want to invest more $ into a game and bother with managing 2 screens at the same time - and I see this as a clear “pay to win” situation.
With 2 characters logged in one can avoid any gate camp, and in null - one can guard an entrance a few systems over, to be sure nobody is coming. Or do exploration and have a bodyguard present for the exploration ship. Two characters logged in make a giant difference in every aspect of the game play.

The response to this is “play with friends”. I do not know when I will log in and for what ammount of time. I am not in high-school anymore, but I like EVE as a game to get into when I get the chance. I cannot get a fleet to guard a gate for me, or come with me to guard my exploration ship - if I log in for 30 minutes at a random time.

Is anyone else playing with one single character?
Or EVE is becoming a game of people that buy their PLEX and ships and do not bother with PVE, and people that multibox - and are in a different gameplay world than people who do not? For me this shows the decline of a game, when only these specialized (or hardcore) players remain.

And - listening to these hardcore players CCP makes EVE hard to play as a casual player, and in this way they lose a lot of players. There should be no safe (or simple) way to PVE they say. Except if you multibox.

(Yes - this topic was in response to the recent null-sec blackout. No more mining or ratting for me as a casual. Don’t know how the multiboxers manage)


Sorry that EVE cannot accommodate exactly how you want to play, where you want to play and is unable to fulfill your exact expectation. It is truly a sad thing when the entitled cannot be satisfied and yes, it is a sign the the dame is dying…of course.

May I suggest X4? Only PvE and no humans to worry about.


I didn’t know explorers need bodyguards. TIL.

Only play one character, though have a steam account with sub 5mil character solely for steam purchases.

I have friends with upto 3 characters, but they only use the other characters for indie and mining, but use their primary for combat.

Anyone multiboxing for combat, well they can’t do combat as good as a single account combat player, as their focus is split between accounts.

Only bad ones…:wink:

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IMO playing only one char is more hardcore than solving any problem by just logging in another alt. I play only one char, but live in highsec. Except flying capitals there is not much you can’t do solo. PvE wise, nullsec relic exploration (travel via Thera, wormholes), escalations, lowsec DED sites, clone soldier hunting, wormhole day trips, burner missions…

Endless options and all more fun than ratting. If you want to get rich with small effort, then you can try production and market, and have your PI farm in NPC null.


So - the normal in EVE is playing 2 characters at once?

An interceptor alt is perfect to protect against other explorers and to make sure you get home with the loot and not die to any gate camps, as I did a lot of times. It’s “pay to win”. Or it’s the “normal” way to play the game and I am stupid for playing with one character.

The issue I have is - CCP making it harder and harder to play PVE with one character. It’s hard enough.
If you have something against botters and multiboxing players making bllions with Rorquals - ban multiboxing, I have no problem with that.

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explo = solo. Where have you read that you need a scout or bodyguard for explo??? Then you will also need a third character to scout for your scout? and a fourth one to scout for the scout of your scout? :wink:
until yesterday, you could rat/mine etc with one character. You did not need a second character for that. You needed intel chan filled by your alliance mates, and response team if reds come. Many large null sec alliances have it 24h/24, whenever you log in.
Since the blackout came, intel is more difficult to get, reds can cyno in or log off in a system and log back in without being seen etc

How did you manage to get here from what the posted comment stated?

Lol, that is hilarious. Other explorers are just as worried about you as you are about them cause they’re exploring!

L4s in high sec would like a word. If you choose to play in null, where there is no security, don’t be surprised when a roaming gang rolls through the system your in.

It seems that possibly other games are more suited to your type of ‘casual’ play style, because if learning to use dscan is something you are unable to do I can’t see there being much you can do ‘solo’… excluding the entire part of the game that is industry, of course.

Now i shall go and get some cheese, after all that wine!

PS if this is your only character, consider joining a player corp, because then there would be other people you could play with, casual or not.



Majority of players do not multibox, but if you live in low or null, it’s not feasible longterm without 2-3 accounts. Unfortunately.

For me, multiboxing or even using multiple identities (actively, of course I have another char to hold my ISK to prevent me from fat finger errors) would kill my play immersion. But it’s my personal view, and I have no issue with others doing it. They are not competing with me.

Yes they made ratting and mining a bit harder for solo players in null. Perhaps because null wasn’t supposed to be about solo play in the first place. Maybe, just maybe CCP is trying something to slightly slow the flow of isk and minerals into this game. And guess what, if it’s harder for you to make isk, it’s harder for most everyone else too.

Nonetheless, solo PvE: Exploration, wh diving (running sites in lower level wh’s), Abyss, Industry, and if you’re willing to leave null, shockingly enough, highsec and Losec have local. Perhaps, just perhaps EvE endgame content wasn’t supposed to be easy playing solo.

I get it we all have real lives and EvE is still just a game, if you can only play casually and at random times, then perhaps you should adjust your expectations about what you can accomplish. If you can only login for 30 minutes, try running an abyssal site. Stop chasing isk, and just play the game for fun.


Completely untrue, i went many many jumps in a combat ceptor the other day, and through 5 or 6 gatecamps without dying; just me, on my own.

What your issue is here is you dont want to risk a 40mil isk ship to do sites that can possibly give you double that, coupled with a lack of knowledge of movement likely brought on by playing only in the safe areas.

Your cure of course is to go to lowsec, or back to highsec and start playing around in a cheap t1 exploration ship, like a heron. Go through wormholes and learn how to run away or die.

It is in fact, actually fairly easy to get away from most people - even easier in nullsec because if they shoot you - you can jump the gate and they can not follow you - unlike wormholes, where they can; and its you that then wont be able to keep jumping the ‘gate’.

Your inability is yours alone and though many others may feel like this it is merely an excuse for your tardiness and unwillingness to take those little risks. IF you want safety, highsec.

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Yes, they do.

I do and maybe I am odd this way but in the last 14 years that did not bother me at all.

Some people “need” 13 accounts to kill one boat. Those are very much gooddh at pvp and stuff.

However, every time you make a 6 man gang run for the hills or you start to kill more than you lose, the satisfaction is way different than running 13 accounts to kill one boat.

What you would like is NPC nullsec, the place with lots of NPC stations to dock and chill or even do missions when you take a brake from exploring.
There you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and be your own boss.

I suggest either Querious, Syndicate or Stain for that, though my favorite ones are Syndicate and Stain.

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Alts are merely supplementary tools to make your main more efficient at its designated task. If I wanted to make a yolo brick tanked gate bombing dreadnought then perhaps I’d need an alt to cyno, use a fax or scout. If i’m in a barge and want to maximize my mining yield then what better way to do that then to make an Orca alt.

If I want to use all available slots on my BS for pure tank, but want to pvp then I’d need an alt that can fast tackle. The list goes on. Alts aren’t necessary by any means, but your player power shoots up exponentially when you add 1 or 2 to your repertoire.

Alternatively you could make friends, but friends have responsibilities and lives outside of the game and can only do general tasks, where as your alt is on stand-by all the time, and you can train them to do very specific things very proficiently. I’m not encouraging solo play vs finding a good corp or community by any means, but if we’re talking purely from the perspective of making you more able then there’s really no comparison.

True. The simplest and most amazing thing once you get an alt that you can log in at the same time - gate camps mean nothing. I know, I played for a while with 2 characters. I was a “war profiteer” or “battlefield scavenger” during a war when TEST was in Delve. Used one character to loot wreks with a fast align ship and fill the other’s character blockade runner. Then I was even able to get the loot out. It was fun :slight_smile:

True. Also playing with friends is harder when my play schedule is chaotic.

EVE is ok with 1 character, I can manage.
But it feels like a scam - it’s like those “free to play” games, where if you want to accomplish anything you need to buy some in-game items. Subscription is 14 euro, but if you really want to play the game and not feel gimped you need at least 2 subscriptions.

I feel genuinely sorry for you. You have it so twisted. You don’t need two accounts to be good at eve. Period.


I run multiple accounts, but I rarely use them in concert with each other in space, aside from the occasional cyno. The “alt” accounts are basically just more production lines. Most of my flying about in null is entirely solo.

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Hilmar : "Blackout is accomplishing their goals for this year, one of those goals is to make the game easier for new players and more challenging for veteran players, eve nullsec gameplay has been completely figured out and thus causing stagnancy

Easier for new players? Explain to a new player how is he supposed to move his VNI/Procurer around null-sec (when he is in a null-sec alliance but intel is not reliable). Of course, you forgot such players, or even such “small problems” existed. They should just pay to win and get a second account, and gate camps will be meaningless.

Better yet, he should not own a VNI/Procurer, that is heresy, who knows maybe in time he will get a Rorqual or carrier and be able to pay for his game time with ISK (and that is the real problem for CCP I think), he should just buy plex because PVE is the devil. I have nothing against removing paying with ISK for game time, as I said in another thread.

And - about “introducing chaos” : you just introduced 90% more reasons for null-alliances to not even try to leave their space and attack another alliance. More reasons to stay at home and defend.

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Fairly sure Falcon covered that a little later, from the post you linked:

1:35:20 - Falcon And if you’re not willing to go out into nullsec and take a risk then you don’t belong in nullsec. you should move back to empire if you want to mine in safety. Lawless space should have risk.

So the ‘new player’ can accept the risk in null or move back to high sec, easy.



If you’re not willing to take the risk out in nullsec than don’t. Move back to highsec and do PVE in safety. What gives you the sense of entitlement to mine and PVE without any risk in nullsec? Why would that make any sense? The system has been broken for a while.

I think he means it’s now easier for a new player to go out and solo gank someone doing an anomaly. It is.