PVE activities doable with 1 single character in null-sec

I’ve always played as a single player since 2016. I’ve only fleeted up during faction warfare roams, but that’s about it.

Also, the isk can be better in low sec for the independent solo player. Plus logistics is easier. Find yourself a few 0.1 and 0.2 systems and belt rat. Clone soldiers will spawn that drop security tags worth 30m each, and you’ll also encounter the occasional faction spawn as well (Mordu Legion spawns can drop BPCs worth up to 700m, IIRC). You can rat in a cheap Algos for less than 15m, and bring out a cheap Gnosis when encountering a Mordu battleship.

edit: Gas mining in low sec is also good isk. A solo Prospect can huff Cytoserocin and earn up to 100m/hr.


Yes go back to high sec, and get bored. As I did, and I abandoned the game after 1 month the first time.

But then I tried it again - and there was BNI. I thought BNI started a revolution a while ago. Yes null at that time for a new player was risky, but manageable. Traveling through null with your most valuable ship - worth less than 50 mil (in your own alliance space) - was risky but manageable.

Or - new players should go null-sec and buy plex, because as a new player with 1 account you won’t get to do any PVE. For a new player (in null sec, as to not get bored) this game cannot be played in the classic MMORPG style where you farm your resources, because you get to randomly lose your ship from time to time. Just by taking the gates, because owning space means nothing now, we do not know anything. No ammount of skill can stop that. Only paying for a second account can. And this is the normal way to play EVE these days.

CCP does this because too many players were paying for game time with ISK I suppose. Well - just get rid of that.

Well what was so fun about nullsec if all you were doing was mining and doing anoms?


Faster ISK than high sec. Getting ships and fleets to go out with for PVP.

How do you get your ISK? If you use more than one character, or buy plex, or do market speculation (as I did in the first month until I quit) - those are not valid answers for a new player. EVE will not attract any new players when they realize this is what they have to do.

I do not want on principle to pay for another character, until I hear from CCP: “to fully enjoy EVE you need more than 1 character and to be immune to gate camps you need 2 accounts at the same time”.

Yes’ although I have just recently learned how to do the multiple character thing. I still fly 1 ship ( Loki ), 1 character, 1 screen, and just keep flying until I find things to do. Simple :slight_smile:

I’m curious as to what you think qualifies as a ‘new player’, and how much isk does said ‘new player’ actually need to be able to generate to have fun

even though you’ve also said

So I don’t see how you’re going on fleets if you’re this casual type who only ever logs in when no one else is about for 30mins?

I also don’t see how ‘faster isk’ is relevant if all you’re doing is collecting ships… you can do this in high sec without any risk, it’s easy. You seem to be certain that you need to be in null, and across multiple null systems at that, to be able to make (lots of) isk… which just isn’t the case.

Possibly you just want to rally against the ‘second account’ thing, which is fine, I guess, but let’s not try to posture as if you have no other options to make isk and have fun (it is, after all, a game).

You see, no one is forcing you to do this, but you make it sound like they are, but that is not the case. Should you choose to live solo in null you can belt rat/anom rat in a single null sec system without any issues (even with the blackout in full effect), you could probably also PI if the planets are ‘good’, I’m sure there’s more, but I’m also sure you’ll come up with ‘reasons’ they are not valid answers for a ‘new player’. :roll_eyes:


Eve Online is not a casual game. In highsec are many simple ways to PvE, even in 00. Just take a Myrmidon, that doesn’t cost that much … really …

That’s a ■■■■ response. I understand his frustration. People like us love Eve, but don’t have time to sit on our ass and boast about it.

I have an alt for hauling when my corp is wardecced, but I never play with multiple accounts and that’s my only alt. I’ve been doing exploration almost exclusively. Until recently, I was flying my uncloaked Heron all around low sec, null sec, and wormholes.

Other than wishing there was some way to just let D-Scan autoscan (I feel like I’m wearing my “V” key down to nothing already), it’s not terribly difficult to avoid major losses. It’s happened to me a few times, but generally the losses are acceptable (if annoying) and could have been avoided if I hadn’t been lazy. I do a lot of intel gathering on dotlan and Eve Gatecheck when planning my routes.

It’s not the most lucrative career ever, but it’s good enough that I’m having a ton of fun and have finally hit a half bil ISK. So yeah, I think you can play with one character pretty reasonably, although I’m sure it depends on what exactly you want that character to do.


But then why is that the game’s fault? Oh right, it’s not.

I play solo, I am a one man Corp, I use my iPad head phones, no mic, I guess I am closer to Analog than Digital, but I don’t care. When Iose a ship I replace it, when I need ISK I play the Market, High Sec Explore or Mine. I like my one man Corp, I log in when I want, no one to yell at me, lol, get the tax advantages.
I would consider myself well trained, theres not much I can’t do or fly. I don’t have an alt, 2nd screen or multiple accounts.
I am not letting any of this limit me, I can fly fully cloaked, will take my time, start at 0.4 and work my way down. When I die, I’ll just replace and move on.
My biggest advantage, I’m determined to make my playing style work. BTW, this is my 4th shot at EVE, this one will stick though, I’m determined.
As for other players, help, etc, I might in the future align with other Corp’s but thats as far as it will go. I’ve done the Corp thing and hated it…

Not sure if this helps or answers your question, but bottom line, I’m true solo, top to bottom, and going with it.

Hit me up in game if you ever see me,



I’ve tried doing L3 in NS in a T3 nullified cloaky ship.
no alt, no brain. You can still get caught but whatever.
The reward is not that much. However you can also do industry, using NPC factories, meet people, be hunt by russians, look at how russians are farmed…

Looks to me like sov space is not for you, i do not think it was ever meant for the casual player tbvh.

NPC nullsec however you can still continue to mine, rat, run missions and ‘explore’, just you might die if your not careful; if you dont like risk though, null much like wormholes, are not for you.

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