Multi-boxing three characters for PVE combat ISK reward - Null or Help?

I’ve played EVE off and on since 2011 and enjoy PVE combat the most.
I also have self diagnosed ADHD and like to run 3 toons to keep busy.

I’ve done Mission Running and very much dislike the Agent system and Standings issues.
I currently play in Aridia which is basically a mostly quiet low sec region and fly three Stratios ships with cheap faction fits hunting for “click and run” combat anomalies since I dislike scanning for better kills.

I find the reward is decent, but want to level up the game and play in Null, but don’t want to join another player corp to do so, as I’d rather keep my own. Although I like people in general, just not in EVE.

I want to switch all the toons to ISHTARS and run the same game, but in NULL.


  1. Is Ishtar a good next level for game play with 3 toons over the Stratios?
  2. Can I join an alliance in a place like Providence and live with the same risks as Low Sec (plus bubbles) and keep my corp?
  3. Is there a High Sec alternative like Incursions that I can make more ISK with three toons?

Thanks Vets.

Ded sites in nullsec or try WH sites

Yes, by far. Cheaper too.

Yes, and you’re already on the right track. There’s a bunch of nullspace renter alliances down there you could talk to. I imagine they charge an alliance bill every month, see what that is.

As you’ve no doubt figured out by now, it’s tough to match the ISK generation you can get in lowsec or null. Incursions is one way, though I personally avoid them due to the timesink (waitlist) involved. There’s also a toxic elitist attitude surrounding these carebear incursion groups that my pirate self can’t stand.

You’ll make more than Incursions with less hassle running abyssals with one toon.

You could also multibox lvl4 missions with Ishtars, though the ticks aren’t going to be near as good as incursions and null sites, and you’ll also want to have a toon trailing behind the ishtar toons for loot and salvage, as that’s a big part of the income with lvl4s.

Some people also run burner lvl4 missions and make good money, but that needs its own ship setup and strategy.

Thanks, it’s about what I was thinking.

I understand the Incursion mindset since they are risking multi-billion ships and I agree the wait time would cut me out of the mix with my 2 hour a day gameplay. I thought there was a smaller Incursion run, but somewhere remember it requiring 5 toons and not paying as much.

I’ve multi-boxed Lvl4 to the nth-Degree for years and can’t live with the Agent system another day. It’s not getting to the Agent, it’s having to always cancel the poor ones, etc. I was running a couple Paladins and hated getting any NPC other than EM damage ones, since the ships were terrible at Kin/Exp damage and get pummeled. I was clearing those faster in Gilas.

Low Sec has the 150% bounties which I think is pretty cool. I heard Null has a system that players can steal the extra payouts?

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