Best ISK triple boxing in highsec

Just starting back playing after a somewhat long hiatus. Used to do anoms in VNIs on two toons and a carrier on the third… Seems that those days are gone now.

Wondering what is the best way to make ISK these days while triple boxing? Considering going back to L4 highsec missions, but not sure this is really the best. Tried triple boxing abyssals, didn’t really like it. Need something that is not as intense, feel like I can’t keep up with all the micromanagement (have never been good at that). For Incursions may have to wait several hours to get in and multiboxing is frowned upon because so many others wanting to run them, which I definitely understand.

Is triple sentry rattles for L4s an option? Or is it not worth the time/effort?

AFK drone boat ratting is still gonna be best for low-effort isk making

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Well, it’s a lot easier to dual box in incursions if you fly Austrailian TZ, than EU or US. But if you’re having to wait 2 hours to get into fleet, you’re probably in a busy TZ.

You can triple box Emerging Conduits, but the nerf to loot drops and spawn rates really hurt their isk efficiency. I don’t know how much you could make triple boxing them now, but I think it will still be shy of what you can get blitzing level 4s. Of course, I think they’re a lot easier to run if you want to share your attention with Youtube or whatnot. No switching ships or fits, or any other crap. Just the same site with the same tactics, all the time. Makes it real easy to turn your brain off and let autopilot take over.

Level 4’s aren’t worth it unless you’re going to blitz them. This written guide is old, but it explains how blitzing works. I also made 2 videos about using two nergals to run anomic missions. You could use that as a basis for scaling up to three if you wanted. Anyway, dual nergals makes most burners easy, even with T2 fits. They can’t handle the ashimmu, but they’re a lot easier to manage than most of the solo fits.

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there’s a corp i seen floating around that you can join, and you can make great isk, just helping raise other peoples standings doing missions and such.


Thank you guys for the responses so far! Yea I’m US TZ so the wait on incursions is at least 90 mins+. And that’d be to just get one char in, lol.

Thank you for the link on blitzing missions, going to read up on that.

I may go with a mix of lazy, full clear L4s when I feel like relaxing… or trying my hand at blitzing when I feel like being more engaged.

run burners.


orca + hulk + hulk 100M+.

you sure?
100m/hour with 3 account? at max skill?

yeah, that’s low.

Low for mining or low in for 3 accounts in hisec?

How you manage your assets in both mission running/hisec PvE and mining make huge differences. Intellectual dishonesty is a thing.

Incursions make great ISK. If you wait 90 minutes to get into one, add the 90 minutes to the ISK/hour.

You can get great money blitzing missions and selling the LP items to sell orders. Count your Jita alt in the equation. You need to get the merch there and you need someone to alter the listing as often as every 5 minutes.

You can suck up as much ore as you want, but are you counting the 2 hour trip to Jita in your freighter? and the intel you better have beforehand? Are you selling Drakes at a -5% margin or are you making 50mil extra from your ore selling pirate battleships?

Running multiple accounts in emerging conduits sucks for ISK IMHO, that’s the only dual boxing I’ve done recently besides mining. The only way to run them is in a brawler, loot the red chachskis, and GTFO. The time it takes to manage two boxes (without software) and/or salvage nets no extra money. If you had 3 accounts running them semi AFK separately you would make… about as much as mining.

I got plenty of missions that net 80-100M ISK/hour, but no way of sustaining that consecutively for hours on end. That’s in a Marauder, I don’t full clear every single mission, & I cherry pick. If you want to look into balls deep 2 and 3 account mission blitzing I suggest checking out Hateless gaming on Twitch and Youtube. You have to be willing to do burner missions and fly a Machariel in the non burner missions. And I’m pretty sure you have to trash your rep, not 100% though. But thats intense AF.

3 spider tanked Rattlers in level 4’s would have been a lot better before the changes to AI to target drones more actively. But not very good income.

or if you run anti-empire missions. Then full clears are good 100M in under 30 minutes- almost all of it in tags.


Wow, that’s not bad. Didn’t know how lucrative those missions were because I always skipped them.

lol… that is what courier contracts are for, much cheaper than flying for 2h.

yeah, most people skip them because they do have one downside: it hits your standings with empires against which you run them.
And they are some of more difficult missions out there… wouldn’t be surprised if missions like Smash the Supplier or In the Midst of Deadspace (part 5) were second to burners in difficulty…

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yea Enemies Abound nets quite a bit of isk in tags.

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RIght. So count that ■■■■ in your calculations.
Especially the alt that has to sell it.

Best is ice mining. The average casual ice miner runs around 40 accounts multibox. Good isk and tons of fun.

Lol, I bet this is not the case. Sure, may be running 3-5 accounts, but 40 is not casual.

You are crazy. at worst 25 is casual. Get with the times miner!

That is your guy. He tripple box SoE lvl 4 missions. You should be making around 200m ISK per hour/account. This will take alot of setup, but is great income for highsec. You can start and stop whenever you like and the timewindows to loose stuff are alot smaller than in abyssal sites.

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