Multi box abyssals.... what works?

I tried ages ago abyssals with a gila did t3 filaments etc. but now i want to try multiboxing frigates or dessi’s but not to sure what fits to go for.
Did see some retri’s & deacons used. but would a punisher and t1 logi work ok for lower sites?
the toons i want to use are pretty new so wont have to much skills but enough to get them into t1 ■■■■. then if a like it a can train them for t2 ships etc.

Does any 1 have info of what ships can do what and what fillament weathers to go for?


I do t4s with 3-5 mins to spare while looting nearly every can.

Yah 3 frigates can do up to t6 if they are all coordinated enough. But MULTIBOXING? In the abyss? doing a t4-t5? You will die on the first room. Why? Because there are rooms with NPCs designed to be kited such as the rouge drone BC/trig cruisers.

Electrical weather is the best (reflected in price) as it makes ships cap stable. But reduces EM

It would. But I would make more ISK doing my t4s. With 1 character and less effort than you managing 3 frigates in a lower tier abyssal.

I don’t want to be a downer but it’s going to be a trial-and-error thing. Come up with these abyssal fits that work best with your multibox skills and start learning how to “read” rooms. (aka killing E war, webs, disruptors) Different NPCs require a different set of maneuvers. No you can’t simply man fight everything. You will die very fast.

Someone here may have frigate fits to get you started.

Punishers don’t do enough damage to get the higher tier sites done and if you fit them for less tank, they won’t have enough buffer/ehp so the T1 logis can hold them up. Might get Agitateds done (T2).

2 Assault Frigs + T2 Logi can do up to t4 pretty well, but you have to be on your toes when multiboxing them. Mix of Damage and Application should be well-rounded, thats why people often use Retris. The cap-bonus greatly protects from being neuted out, the damage of Retributions is okay and the projection/application extremely good.

Any higher Tiers will be still possible with them, but a math-game, because you will lose fleets, your profits come from running a 100 of them, winning 80% and losing ships/clones in 20%.

What I have also seen is 2 Nergals + Deacon (up to Tier4 Firestorms), 2 Draugurs (you need perfect armor-boosting skills, up to Tier5 Firestorms). Double Jackdaws (High Tier Darks) were a thing, and 2 Hawks + 1 Nemesis (High Tier Darks) were also used.

Yeah its not so much for the isk… just to practice multiboxing and learn a bit about the abyss.
As i no bugger all about it tbh

Gustav streams on twitch multiboxing T6 with 3 frigates. He puts up all the fits on that website

Yeah i need to watch those. Hes mental good though . Im a complete noob in comparison

then why don’t you do abyssal sites with two friends (3 frigs) or 1 friend (3 dessies)? It will be fun, help you to practice abyssals etc
this is a mmo, and, yet most players tend to bling their ship or multibox to do things that can be done with friends

Because if you have to share the rewards, they are not that lucrative any more. You can earn much more solo in a cruiser than sharing the loot with two other frigate pilots. Thats a major design flaw.

It would really help if they would forbid anchoring MTUs in there, so it gets pretty time consuming to grab all the loot in a single cruiser, but not much of a problem for 3 fast frigs. Rewarding team play is the key.

there is nothing wrong with teaming up for abyss, many ppl do that.

though multiboxing frigates is also a lot fun. i like the pace a lot more when i have to control 3 ships. there is always some buttons to press, it is a lot more dynamic when remote repairs or switching t3d modes and reacting to aggro switches comes in to play. there is a lot less margin for errors compared to cruisers, due to the lower stats frigates have. no need to search for mates, i can run a few sites when my schedule alows it. no language barrier, dont need to talk in a foreign language. etc.

not sure about that though. ofc i would not mind getting more isk out of them, but if i try to be objective i dont see the necessity for changes. the barrier to entry is also lower for frigates in regards to sp and the initial investment (at least for the most common high tier setups). the payout is also not bad at all and the only differnce is that the side caches dont get 3x the loot for frigates, which is really the only thing that maybe should get adjusted.

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I just used values from the Abyss Tracker:

If you share the loot of 3 frigs between 3 players, each get less (on average) than if the 3 players had run their own sites in a cruiser. Of course, Skill and initial ISK requirements aside. I would prefer a scenario that would ensure:

125% payout for EACH player if done in two destroyers.
150% payout for EACH player if done in three frigates.

Maybe lower the Cruiser payout to have a lower initial 100% value, they pay too much for solo content anyway.

adding a loot multiplier to the side caches based on the amount of pilots would level the difference you see on the abyss tracker and make frigate vs cruiser loot proportional. what affects the income even more though, is the runs one can make in a certain time and the success chance in the pve part.

in the later i see the biggest problem in the cruiser bracket. some ships, most notably the gila, trivialize the pve part. i wish there were some abyss mechanics to bring those few ships more in line with the others (though at this point i would not even mind a gila nerf…)

Yeah thats another problematic part. I fly a Sacrilege for example and that ship hasn’t died once in hundreds of runs. With Frigates/Destroyers you always have losses from time to time that count against your profits. A well-blinged and well-piloted HAC or Gila is almost foolproof in comparison.

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