Abyssal Multiboxing Worth it?

Would it be worth it to multibox Abyssal sites? I’ve never done them, I hear mixed reviews on loot. Would it be worth it to try and multibox them with 2 or 3 accounts? Say the T4s.

If you’re going to multi box you are probably better off running individual abyssal gauntlets with 2-3 characters at once. Greater probability of better loot/idk (eggs in one basket concept here). Drop a tier or two and you’re probably still making more…

Not asking that question. Asking, loot wise, would it be worth it to get 2 or 3 accounts to “blitz” them. Is it worth the time. I don’t know what loot comes out of them typically.

This is why alts should be removed.

This, thank you. That’s what I was wondering. Can you really multibox 2 sites efficiently though? 2 or 3 in the same instance vs 2 separate ones? Maybe it would be easier?

Multi boxing the same site would be easier but less efficient. You would be better off running them separately or using those characters for something else (semi afk mining/l4/industry). If you’re looking for ease then go for it. If you want efficiency then do as many separate instances as you can handle.

Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

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