Abyssal Loot Nerf?

Hey guys. I’ve noticed, since downtime yesterday, that the loot in the Abyssal sites (I’m running T3s) seems to have dropped dramatically in terms of the numbers of Caches containing loot as well as the quality of the loot itself. Was there an actual nerf to this? I’ve run maybe 300 or so since this started, and I have a pretty good feel for the quality and quantity of Caches. I’m running sites now with no loot drops at all. In fact, I ran four in a row with zero or one cache containing loot, which sparked my curiosity.

Just read the patch notes

Ok thanks. I saw so many pilots’ posts on this issue, but I didnt see the patch notes to know if it was official, or just anecdotal.

Interesting. This from the patch notes:

“Bioadaptive Cache will be empty less often (this can still happen occasionally)”

Certainly been the opposite, in my experience recently. Empty caches have been at last 50% of the time.

“Empty less often”
= Empty - often
= 0 - 100
= -100
= Empty

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The good stuff will anyway only drop in T4/T5.

@Tipa_Riot Not true. I got a Unstable 5MN MWD mutaplasmid off a F3 Dark filament.

Trig ships still way way way too expensive for common use.

But hey lets nerf the loot so there is even less of them.

Because we don’t have enough ships that sit around that no one will fly.

Thoroughly enjoying my Leshak. I’m probably in the minority, but I found a fit that it seems to excel with. Damage and application is on par with Marauders. It’s due for a grid and CPU buff as well as rigs, Faction modules and hopefully an implant or two. It really has nowhere to go but up at this point.

But you can’t split guns … this makes it bad for PvE imo. Anyway, I looted some precursor skill books, should I inject or sell …

Splitting guns into pairs is great if you can. But I often find I’m delivering 2 volleys to some targets anyway, so in those instances I’m not really ahead.

Don’t forget that once you go past optimal you have a higher chance of missing. Blasters were previously the best for tracking and they miss quite a bit beyond 50% falloff. I get twice as many wrecking (critical) shots as misses in my Leshak.


Did they screw up and put in the numbers backwards ? Or perhaps substracted when they were instructed to add or something like that ? Or maybe accidentally moved a decimal place (that can happen) so loot chance is now like 0.0000000000000000000005 % instead of 0.0000005% ?

I actually don’t run these anymore on TQ, too worthless altogether, but I’m still curious.

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Sounds like I haven’t been missing anything the past week.

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