Abyssal space broken again?

just be a quick briefing, after CCP claimed that raising the looting rewards in the abyss a month ago, i had hunted 100+ T5 firestorm sites. guess what? there is none single crystalline isogen-10 droped !!! seems they removed the crystalline isogen-10 from the loot table in all firestorm site. I hope that is a bug which not what they intended so


Thank you very much for posting this.

I was about to get ready for another bout of abyss runs starting tomorrow, largely for the same reasons, building mats. Now I will hold off with it.

If you do run more sites would you mind keeping this thread updated ?

Thank you for you reply and let me known I am not alone, I am surely will continuing running Tier 5 firestorm site and continue updating this thread

It might well be a bug. I’ve been running a whole bunch of Tier 3 Darks and getting a crap load of it. So much that I thought that it was too much and might tank any market for it.

Maybe they have decided that certain loot will only come from certain filaments? I only run Darks with a Gila (and only tier 3 for now what that toon trains). Maybe you can only get it from Darks now? I don’t know.

I thought it is always like that. Loot table differs among different filaments. I just hope skill book are everywhere the same.

I think I have the same problem. I only ran a few low tier filaments, and got one or two times Isogen-10.

Also, I thought it was impossible to get empty caches, yet I managed to get one in an Agitated Gamma filament ^^"

but before the updates last month the loot table are the same in all filaments, if they changed it should be at least mentioned in the patch notes. not like a east egg for players to find it. its not funny at all :frowning:

Maybe they pushed the isogen to the sites that are not run so much.

Ya, abyssal is hard and risky.

Risk free farming at it’s best, good thing they are adding more of this to the EVE Waiting Room

They need to nerf rewards for no risk PvE.

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Dude, OP is bleeding 2,5 billion ships in the process. It is not risk free.

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It’s PVE if he is losing ships it means:

He didn’t watch the right vid enough times
He didn’t copy the fit correctly
He didn’t copy the moves correctly

It has nothing to do with risk.

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Outdated mentality. LONG outdated mentality. Risk of ship / pod loss can come from many sources.

I will go further and say that nowadays the best games are those that offer multitudes of risk types and give players a degree of control over which risk type to choose and let them concentrate on what they enjoy the most.

Funny thing is I always hear this sandbox argument, most of the sandbox is based upon a principle that it lets players decide how they wish to play, yet I see so many of the so called sand box fans here completely opposed to that sandbox principle and falsely use it as an excuse for easy KB padding.


Yes, we all know thse types. “its PvP game, HTFU or back to WOW, gid gud, its niche” and all of that crap that people usually post when they hear that people could be spared their own fate. Dont see the hell they are preparing for themselves. :joy:

Like a bunch of neckbeard tryhards trying to outdo themselves.

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I hunted few T5 gamma and firestorm sites this night, I can tell one thing completely different that is crystalline isogen-10 droped in every gamma site…got about 50+crystalline on every gamma site run. but still none in firestrom site

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I did a total of 16 T3s, 8 dark and 8 Fire, I will move onto 4s tomorrow and 5s maybe on the weekend.

There is something absolutely borked with the loot. It was just weird.

For the 1st 5 sites I got nothing. Literally nothing other then the data sheets, and a couple lowbie filaments and had 1 empty.

Then for the next few I started to get some stuff. By the time I was done with everything (took a bit over 3 and a half hours). I had a lot less then I used to in the past. When I took everything to Jita, the listed value of my cargo was 229 mil.

All in all I ended up with less, not more, iso and condensate then before. 62 Iso and 170 condensate. The drops were very weird. The iso I literally got only in 2 rooms. one drop was almost 40 and the other the rest. Likewise with the condensate, much fewer drops but larger stacks, all with less then before total.

I did get far more raging and chaotic filaments. Did not get a single gravid or unstable muta, got 4 decayed ones and got nothing of value for RNG. Before, I would usually get at least something, 1 item of value liek a ship blueprint, or a gravid muta, or a skillbook, something. Now did not get anything.

We’ll see how it goes on 4s, but so far its actually a lot worse then it was, not better. And that 1st hour, man I was just going W T F ? Nothing, not a single thing dropped and gave me an empty box. I’m thinking if this hour would have at least stayed on the same rate as the otehr ones, it would make things much better.


I run few T4 yesterday and I agree with your observation. Well, at least prices for loot items will go up. With less loot those, who do Abyss for money and not for fun, will go back to carrier PvE and the rest of us will enjoy diminishing supply. Which would mean increasing prices if only CCP finds the way how make selling modificated items less PITA.

@Turtle_Extraordinaire I know this is not a topic here but would you mind to share your Abyssal lvl5 fit that u use? So far I ran only up to lvl3 but would like to find fit for lvl4 and 5 that are well tested and work. Thx

why is it “broken” when it works differently from what you are expecting ?

Market with filter consisting of properties sliders that you could slide to desired value or turn off completely. :wink:

Would probably need additional abyssal mods separate market category with it.

Patch was supposed to increase building material amounts so that we could build more Trig stuff and make it more available to the markets at large. Instead its opposite. The income levels would remain the same once teh market stabilized, it would just be easier to build Trig stuff. CCP wanted it to be more available to more people, make it all cheaper to obtain.

Instead, we’re getting significantly less. Some of are getting periods of complete zero drops, as in none, zip, zero. Its not that its working differently, its that it isn’t working at all.

I had such a period for over an hour then it resumed after I relogged and switched systems, but as you see here some other people have had much longer then that.