Abyss Loot

I have lost track of how many T1 and T2 Abyss missions I have run and I am not getting anything for loot, seem like 50% of the time I do not even get a fragments and have to go buy one… is anyone getting loot from theses things? Using a 350 million ship to get trash seems pointless… I am risking a lot for no reward… perhaps I am having bad luck but this is getting boring.


Do T3 they aren’t very hard at all.

Don’t be a wuss and run higher teirs.
350m isn’t even expensive.

The loot for F3 filaments isn’t much better.


Filament tiers 1-4 had the drop rates reduced.

Can’t say about tier 5 as I don’t run them.

What do you fly T 3 in?

I know you didn’t ask me.

I will answer. I used a near 800 dps vagabond.
I was able to complete 6-7 T3 Electrical filaments before the 1 hour boosters expired.

Easily tanked and easily killed all enemy variations that I encountered. I never went below half cap or half shield other than the time I was ganked by 4 tonados unsuccessfully. That time I lost most of my shields but no armor damage.


The problem with abyss is that the best loot was the key’s to run more, but if your only running them to run more then what’s the point as soon as people realized what they where paying for then all the loot became meh.

We where basically paying for the experience of running them (the huge cost of the fragment’s) instead of them being a new source of income so that people could do their daily grind in a better looking more skill intensive environment.

It’s sad, if they payed decently they would be a much welcomed change of daily pve grind (as abyss space is very fun content) necessary to acquire the isk to pvp, but instead we go back to our old ways of making isk which are much more isk/hour.


Gila :stuck_out_tongue:
7-9 runs an hour depending on spawns.
It’s also brainless, to the point where I approach the container then the gate even on quad starving leshak spawns.

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I agree with you, I am not making any money to finance PvP activities, so what is the point of doing Abyss missions? Also, not getting faction or salvage… bad all over.


the loot here is terrible. not worth running the sites imo. I havent found one filament from data or relics, I havent got anything BUT ammor, bpc for guns or ammo, or the two worthless items on the market that I assume, everyone gets…

sorry, love the sites, love the challenge, it was fun for a minute. but there is no real challenge, there is no real reward… the mutaplasmid transmutation idea was great imo, and I tried many many items after PURCHASING the ■■■■ fro the market cause I cant find them in the sites… and that was cool but I literally spent 100x more than I got in return from either experience or reward. Im sorry. I have a life. I wont sit here 16 hours a day to find a worthless item…

I play Eve hours and hours everday, and stil its too much. Id love to get to play 4 hours a day and get the isk in I need, the content in I seek, and have the fun I wish to have when playing Eve. Its just too much time invested with not enough reward as an INCENTIVE…

I really love the artwork they did. CCP is always trying to limit how much isk you can make now. people for ten years, abused the game, hacking , cheating, trading isk… and they get away with it. have hundreds of billions and trillions of isk… and we are stuck with terrible loots from MOST pve aspects in Eve…

CCP killed PVE for fun… its all just about being in a corp. If you solo play to gain isk and are saving to ge that account to start a player activity, good luck!

Not a rant, just my thoughts… :slight_smile: My idea was to pve so I can afford to pvp at a particular level, but Im stuck chasing to plex my accounts… lol Im thru with it. I let my subs go last year and only plex what I can afford. any time spent outside Eve now is in SC. where the investment is a little better protected. IE MY TIME AND MY MONEY …


@Imustbecomfused it was great before the loot drop nerf. 1 plasmid every 2 runs, enough filaments to be somewhat self sufficient, and enough red loot/isogen to build what you need and still have 3-10 million isk a run.

The drop rate nerf turned it in to a job. I have lost 99% of my interest in it. I hold a little hope they will fix the drop rate to make them worth the risk.

(Not to mention the gankers that you can’t escape)


You need to learn to maximize your time spent making isk if you want to plex accounts.
For example right now there couldn’t be a better time to do DED sites as all the loot value went up.

As an example the most stable DED in my opinion isk wise the drone 10/10 will always pay at least 350mil can be done in 40minutes.
Carrier ratting can net you between 130-180mil depending on skills etc an hour not counting faction spawns or escalations.
Trading if well set up and if you’re proactive can easily net you few hundred mil even when offline.

If you put your mind to it there’s a few more


I didnt know they nerfed the loot drops… :frowning: makes sense. thats too bad actually. I get it though, ccp has to pay the bills.

I make isk in wh sapce… but yes, I get what you mean. and yea the mod went up so some profits to be made. I just tried it for fun, I wouldnt plex my accounts off it. carrier ratting is a bitch to plex off of and ded sites, meh i tried it and all, didnt do much, could do better at efforts to running those sites… but I love my sleepers and how that works and am making pretty much the most isk ive ever made in one sitting… cheers.

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I had fun the first few days but quickly realized that the amount of isk I can make form just running burner missions FAR outstripped what I could be getting in T3s. I decided to give up when I finally ran into a spawn my relatively blinged Vagabond and pod couldn’t handle. The loot was just simply no longer worth the time or risk investment, even before the nerf.

Just as well, as if that didn’t get me the power outages later would have. Due to how fast most burners tend to go and since most of time spent running burners is spent in warp it’s not as common to end up disconnect in one. I actually experience two power outages while running burners and both times I was in between missions. If I was running Abyss I would have lost ship AND pod both times.

The best thing the abyss has done is remove a huge amount of green and blue loot from the game permanently with no possibility of recovering/salvaging them along with implants. As well as all the plasmid mutations removing loot when the rolls are bad. Huge boost to exploration and a small boost to some of the faction stores. Will have to see how long that lasts. I’m sure an equilibrium will be reached but it will most likely be far below existing content in terms of time/risk investment and potential reward. Maybe big nullsec alliances that have perfectly safe space can get a decent return on investment running T5s but it’s not a big shock they introduced new PVE content that managed to be the most profitable for big alliances.

Very unfortunate as I really did enjoy the content, just not the feeling of completely and utterly wasting my time.


Yip and puffing/producing drugs can net 180mil/hour per char, abyss loot is a joke in comparison.

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That was fast. 3 weeks and that’s basically it for the Abyss…


Was fun on test server at least, and at least the mutaplasmids are at a low enough price to warrent using them for pvp. But as far as farming them :joy:

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I did not even run one abyss in tranq (run several in sisis though).
I still have my free filaments.

Because it’s designed to be not worth it.
It’s not about loot nerf, it’s about design : there is no competition for the sites, so the isk/h worth becomes as low as another basic mission (albeit should be a bit more as the possibility to lose pod is much more expensive).

However I still think this is an interesting feature. I will try them when the filament price will have dropped to ground (right now I could not find a filament doing 20+ relic/data in HS, so not worth the time setting up a ship, changing clones, etc. just to run a few sites)

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They are not worth not because the lack of competition but because they are made around triglavian tech (not so usefull and very pricy right now) and mutagens (lots of them needed and lots of them droping so price is low). If triglavian hulls were usefull demand would fuel AP runs. For now materials quantity to build triglavian hulls keeps prices of said hulls high.

Also I think there was a nerf I see lots of empty cans that I didn’t see before. Confirmation needed.