Abyss - Loot / NPC

CCP, don’t you think its time to fix stuff? Based on what Im seeing on forums, the outcry is huge (Read tears xD).

Returned yesturtday after 2 year break to test out this new Abyss expansion. Boy was I in for a suprise.

So the loot. I took out basic T2 Gila and jumped stright into T3 Exotics. Bought some ~10 filaments (80m). You know what was the return? 20 effin’million ISK. 20!

And then, just to make things better, last pocket spawned 8x Disipator rats (Neuts for those who dont know) and 2 BS Drifter and Leshak. So, After I killed off all the disipators and closest BS (While burning towards Drifter), that drifter bastard, burned out some 70km from me and ofc as I was on 0 cap I couldnt catch up. So he blaped me.

Dont get me wrong, I dont care about loosing ships while learning, T2 gila was what, 400m total? But the fact, that drops are abysmal its just a spat in the face. Ill repeat: 10 abysses (~8-9min run each) - 20m profit total. (well, not counting the loss of gila, if so thats -380m lol) Great content CPP!?

20m just for only 80 minute work. ■■■■. I can blitz 10/10 DED Mazes (12min each) while half AFK, on 3 chars simult. in complete safety (Yes I have done it, ~ran 20-30 mazes/day ). Are you guys bonkers over there? Who did the loot balancing ?
Fix your ■■■■.


I would like to add my perspective as a new player to EVE online. The last 12 months I have tried almost all PvE content (different character, this one is my new PVP character!).

ALL PvE content in EVE is horrible!
This game has 2 strengths, PVP and social gameplay. You want PvE there is MUCH better MMOs ,GW2 with expansions is pretty darn great.

Dont bother grind for ISK. Have a normal day job.
Put 5 if those hours into PLEX and you all set to blow stuff up all month on your free time.
People need to get out of their mind to play EVEs horrible PVE content, it is extreamly lazy developed and has not been improved.
You play games for fun right? Then have fun.
Like really. Have some fun!

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Another personal opinion: I find it a really troublesome approach to encourage subscription paying people to pay double or triple the subscription cost in addition to the sub so that they don’t have to use PVE to support their activities.

With regards to the actual topic: I don’t understand why they don’t just have the loot table drop a lot more of the red database things that you sell to NPC for ISK (the W-space blue loot equivalent). These things serve no other function than to generate ISK and have no impact on the ridiculous rng stuff with modules. You could even make it so that you can only deliver them to low sec stations to put more traffic into low sec and make camping there more viable if you were worried about too much ISK influx from abyssal sites.


While I agree that Abyss loot could be somewhat better, need to say that OP is either really-really unlucky or just plain lying… sorry, I mean exaggerating

Each T3 site now drops at least 5-6 millions in that useless red stuff. So that would be at least 50-60 mils, even if someone managed to get a 10-run streak of no drops (yeah, 30 structures without any other drop)

Happy you. Never seen (despite of hundreds Abysses run) Triglavian and Drifter BS spawned together.

Well, you can always run your mazes and leave Abyss to ones who like it.

EDIT: Forgot to ask - did you loot all structures in each pocket or only in last one?

Yes, each site dropped that red useless stuff, total loot was worth a bit over 100m, so minus 80m invest: 20m profit.

Here is the Kill for it https://zkillboard.com/kill/71288915/
Leshak and drifter.

Yes I looted all 3 pockets each time.
Alos, no, I returned to check out Abyss, Im off to another break:) Have no Time to commit to null atm.


Ah. Killmail shows everything that agto’ed you in the last 15 minutes (or before the session change), so they could have been in different pockets.

Still yeah, Drifter BS is one of the most unpleasant things in Abyss T3, especially with neuts support. Given that your fit is very vulnerable for neuts this is what killed you.

IMO the main fun of Abyss is that it is less boring-predictable as other PVE and sometimes it gives really nice loot like unstable mutaplasmids and/or skillbooks. Not as profitable as 10/10 ofc :wink:

If you’ll decide to give Abyss another go then mail me in-game, I’ll give you a better Gila fit and a couple of t2 filaments to start with (loot is really bad yet they will work as training ground. Going directly into T3 was a bit harsh).

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Yeah, probably did rush a bit with the T3. As I said, Im not hating on difficulty, I like it, challange is always good, but I was expecting a bit more generous rewards still:)

Rewards are OK, OP’s loot from the last abyss only was 95 milions itself, not counting 2 BPC. It is like exploration, two hours next to nothing , next hour - half a billion.
More likely OP is lost cause all he could kill solo is unarmed cyno frigate and Abyss force people to use brains instead of numbers. Works as designed, IMHO.

And I agree with VFJK, if you go somewhere to get ISK you better sell plexes. Abyss for me is a unique atmosphere, NPC very different from my usuall mission running or even sleepers. It is awesome, that PvE people now have so many options, how to get entertained solo, even operating from High sec. Security missions, combat exploration, WH diving, NPC miners bashing and now very unique, rather unpredictable, Abyss space…

That loot that you see in killmail is ALL the loot from 9 abbyses.

There should also be 8x Disipator crusers - NEUTS. have no idea why they are not on km. Maybe cause no damage. hnfi

So you did not bother to save your loot in between? And after you being so overconfident you come here with full mouth of dirty language?

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Yep. Exactly, I dont care about 100m in loot. That is NOT the point of this conv. but rather profit in general.

And where exactly CCP was mentioning, that Abyss is done for profit? I think they were speaking about unusual experience and Abyss delivers that as promissed. So your

is not appropriate, IMHO. Nothing is broken. I mean I am not against better loot, but you should realize, that prices for your loot are there where they are not because Abyss is poor ground, but because Abyss is done by everyone and his grandmother. Players droped the loot price, not CCP.

Everything in this game is for profit/tears/fun etc. And PVE stuff is def. for Profit, if no profit - there is no point in doing it:) But this is my op. Everyone has one.

Sorry but the loot in general is abysmal (pun not intended). I ran hundrends of abyss sites, mostly T3, and, while certainly interesting at start, the sites start to repeat very quickly and it’s basically the same grind as missions, the only exception being the dreaded Leshak death squad.

Almost every site has one empty cache. The rest had about 6-9m worth of mats, some triglavian red junk worth several 100k ISK, one decayed multiplasmid worth 3m ISK and T1 weapon BPC.
Even when prices for the stuff were the highest it is still laughably low compared to other PvE content, and players do PvE mostly for profit, almost never “for the lulz” apart from some of the initial runs.
Almost every other PvE content generates more ISK, be it incursions, L4 missions, DED plex, exploration anom farming and even AFK moon mining pulls more ISK than this…

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Hum. I must have gotten really lucky then. I just randomly bought a couple of filaments (mostly “dark” ones, which seem to be cheaper than others) 3 each of levels 1-3, ran 8 of them (I have a level 1 left) and went home with about 450M worth of loot, consisting of two skill books, a pile of minerals, and a lot of the red stuff. I also got a couple BPCs, but I didn’t bother to check what they are worth and just dumped them into my BPC container.

That’s not the norm, I take it?

No, it is not. You were lucky. But if that would be ‘norm’ even more players will go dive Abyss and that would drop prices for your loot. Meaning instead of 450 millions you will get 100 for the very same cargohold.
Player driven economy, remember? :wink:

But at least you would be able to farm enough materials to build the ships yourself. As it is now, you need hundreds (and in the case of Leshak straight up over a thousand) of Iso-10 and that red goo to build just one ship. And with the usual amount from L3 site being around 15-20, you need to run about 80 sites (because most types drop only one material) before you can build just one ship, and that’s not counting in the weapon.

I am sorry, but in my opinion that’s insane. Even Korean MMOs have better grind that this.

True that. Although it would also depend on how popular that stuff is - At this point I really have no idea what it is I am selling. I find the mechanic a little “un-EVEy” simply because it’s basically instanced space nobody else can come into. If it ends up being not that profitable, that’s fine by me.

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I am agree with you to highest degree possible. I use to produce my hulls for me. Simply becasue it is easy to ship modules and ammunition, but it is rather hard to transport hulls. But that will not solve the issue, mentioned by OP. It will defenetly help us see more triglavian used left and right but their related materials will be much cheapier, so that Abyss loot value itself will still be low.
So I am all for the more loot in Abyss, but I do not think its loot table is broken and need to be adressed as

Because it is not broken. It is balanced in a certain way. And from what I saw past few years as soon as CCP starts to fix something, it is in grave danger of not being usable anymore.

Cap battery or cap booster is required equipment.