Abyssal Rant

Now i enjoy the challenges of hard EvE PVE, but what i really dont like is when there is absolute bulls*** in that content
now let me spin you this tale, just finsihed doing a t4, and thought i would brave the waters and give a t5 a go
get into the first pocket
large spawns and lots of agro onto drones, makes me focus harder, manage the drones make sure i dont loose them, finally kill the last with 14 mins on the lcock, jump into the next room get a bunch of sleeper spawns with neut, np i can nos one of them and manage my hardeners OH them when cap is real dry,
finish off that room with 8 mins to go, cutting this one close

get to the final room, its a drifter bs spawn, with about 15 cruisers 4 neuts and i think oh boy this is gonna be a tough one, drifter cruisers come into range and guess F***ING what you cant nos them, Cap goes dry hardeners go off and pop goes my expensive ship,

Now i dont mind loosing my ship to a F*** up or i underestimated the dps, didnt overheat when i should have

but when you have utter bull**** like the drifter cruisers cant be nos’d now that ■■■■ just f***ing pisses me off
i have lived in almost every class of wormhole in my time so i understand hard dangerouse content,
but not being able to use your moduels and having a spawn be programmed to fail is no f***ing fun at all

so guess what i am done with Abyssals risk vs reward is no where near good enough when there is complete and utter bull ■■■■ like that spawn

so to whichever dev desinged that spawn **** you very much


I ran 100+ abyssal instances on the test server before it went live. Since it went live I haven’t bothered running a single instance. You know what I’m missing out on? Not a damn thing…


Wait so, you can nos everything except for one NPC type?

That’s some major ■■■■■■■■.

Rouge drones im not 100% on, but you can definatly nos the Sleeper spawns

Hahahaha serves you right for not doing your homework.

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Lol zkill epeen waving gj.

I guess you were expecting to be so gud that the abyss content would be a cakewalk. Well they arent.And i got to test more sites before it went live than you ever will.Knowledge is power so once I saw the content is ■■■■ I didn’t dedicate more time to it when it went live

Yeah, difficult content where you at least have a chance of ducking out when something unexpected or un-tankable for your fit comes up and you lose the event/mission as the penalty for running is one thing.

Cage matches requiring a billion ISK investment and an RNG roulette wheel determining if you can even remotely make the investment back in profits before a guaranteed fail spawn set slam dunks you and your ship is quite another.

And the player majority in general have the same outlook. Guaranteed incremental gains are a lot easier to work around for most. Throw in the extra chance of surprise PVP dunkage at your entry/exit point for the higher level sites and the players get even more leery. Risk aversion is a thing, and the Abyssal content rings those alarm bells real hard for a lot of players.


I came. I saw. I grabbed a few epic screenshots. That’s about the extent of my use for the Abyss content. It could have been so much more than what it is…

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Its why i love wormhole PVE, it can be super challenging but its at least possible

If you can dig up the test server feedback thread and suffer to read it all you’ll find very little to no developer replies even reddit had almost nothing until it went live.

We went we tested we put effort gave feedback for improvement it was ignored and this is what we have


you see that was a helpful comment you should lead with that next time instead of “Hahahaha…”

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I gave up on abyss. Did a whole crapton of them on Sisi and posted plenty in test threads. Just like the guy above said, many of us posted plenty of feedback and nothing was done.

then repeated the same via that survey they sent out, still nothing was done, or rather what was done is so negligible it is completely irrelevant.

The thing is, even best fits you are guaranteed a loss due to spawn variation. You just can’t fit for everything, to accomodate all spawn variances unless you go straight up officer modules + mutated officer modules which I haven’t done and even then it will be rough sometimes.

So when I came to TQ I ran a bit of F3s at the start when it was profitable since I had fully fitted ships ready to go from day 1 based on my knowledge from Sisi, I tried out an F4 maybe 3-4 times, and never even tried an F5. Then prices went way down and that’s it.

Even if you get a lucky spawn streak and do quite a number of them, you are still guaranteed to hit that bad one and the loot now will not cover your ship + implants + boosters. Not even close.

And then add to that scannable exit sigs and blinking target ? LOL just ■■■■ all that.


The prices were BOUND to go down.
Something that can be found in a T1 cruiser AT WILL in HS is bound to have a low isk/h revenue.
if F2 are doable in T1 cruisers, then the gain of F2 WILL be ±20M/h (up to 60M/h if good demand)

Then you can multiply it by how easy it is compared to f4/f5 (*4 for F4, *8 for F5 I think) and after you remove the losses you go to something possibly negative.

The best way for CCP to correct would be to make reward scale with risk, increase the loot in F4/F5. but anyhow if it’s not interesting people won’t pay for it.

And then add to that scannable exit sigs and blinking target ? LOL just ■■■■ all that.

I’ve killed four so far vOv TBH I wish T3s made people flashy as well… :stuck_out_tongue:

so with L4-L5 Abyssals, you have to accept the possibility of losing your ship to RNG. it’s meant to be a challenge. some people are frustrated because they bling out their ships way too much and lose it in a bad room. that’s the price. I almost lost my Ishtar in a really rough L4 room, but it’s only worth about 300mill with all the equipment. I was brought down to 20% hull, and ended up burning out a few mods. It was probably the most exciting pve experience ive had in this game.

but as you highlight, my loot was pure garbage, less than 10 mill. it was a giant ■■■■ you. Then I made 200 mill in a Calm while afk. whatever. i dont really play Abyssals for a guaranteed profit.

so to conclude i would say: dont bling out your ships too much, and just have fun with the RNG challenge. and dont run L5’s =)

The single Caldari Navy Shield Power relay could give you enough tank to kill neut cruisers. It could probably save your ship from NPC but you will fail because of timer (less DPS and you was already time pressured)

So yes, you can not nos drifters. Surprise surprise but test server is there for help.

And it stays like that…

and dont run L5’s =)

If this is the general consensus then why the ■■■■ do tier 5’s exist? That right there is clear indication that they have not been properly balanced.

Why bother making content if the community’s agreed upon response that content is “yeah just don’t bother.”

sorry Erg let em link the fit https://zkillboard.com/kill/71346605/ sadly not even with an almost multi billion isk gila was it possible to do that spawn

Lulzor dawg abysss sights is teh ghey

Not enough tank