Abyssal Rant

Yep, I’ve given up hope on these pieces of trash ever being worth a damn. I’m one of the one that ran hundreds of these on SiSi and all feedback was ignored.

So that limits to only being able to use a FOTM droneboat, because anything else needs bling to semi reliably run 4+. Oh fun. If I wanted to use a stupid gila/ishtard, I’d just null VNI rat and probably make more money.


And that is why I just buy the abysmal thingy rather then go in, did a test server dive and was able to complete the lower level holes but was wacked in the higher levels, my conclusion, leave the work to other players and reward their risk.

nope, the tyrannos sleepers are NOS immune

This expansion was poorly put together from the launch. First of all it crashed the next day because of it and the locator agents got a screwed up because someone can’t code correctly, but I digress.

There should be no reason you must loose your ship if you don’t get out in time. You should be able to get out of the hole the same way you entered if you’re not going to make it without the loot. It is stupid that if you make a mistake it is that serious.

If you run these sites in highsec you should get better rewards then in nullsec and lowsec. Running any level of these sites in high sec is more dangerous then anywhere else; the rewards should reflect that. Currently, the L4 and L5s are done in nullsec in safe space. Anyone doing it in highsec is being probed down and about to lose their ship when they return. The rewards do not reflect this.

But these are what you get when you ask the CSM their input and all of them are leaders of large nullsec corps with unlimited amount of time and isk to play eve. This is the most out of touch expansion this game has ever launched.

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enlarge your cruiser !

even better they added suspect flag to that :joy: as if ganking >bil fits is not enough.

Running out of time you still die doesn’t matter how large you say your cruiser is…:wink:

Shouldn’t you make “loose” bold instead of the part you made such to emphasize his typo? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha Ha I didn’t even pick up on that

Typo implies it was in error.
“Lose” is commonly misspelled by people with a below average education.

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The frustration over the Abyss and players refusing to run it is what keeps it profitable for others.

It’s proof of CCP’s credo, loss is meaningful.

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Nope. Isogen droped in half since last time I’ve done a-space. It will be worse after the event start.

Yes, Abyssal Space random ■■■■ you spawns aren’t worth the trouble to run tier 5’s.

This. I was running T4’s all day in my gila no issue, but I got that really unlucky spawn with a bunch of starving leshaks and webbing drones. I couldn’t get any speed, and I simply couldn’t kill them quick enough to not get pinned down and die.

So you tried to run the a tier 5 abyssal site in a passiv tanked gila and now cry on forums that abyssal space is broken ?
Others run them in 10b Ships and pods and you cry about losing a passiv gila … bring the right ship and fitting and you won’t lose it

I totally agree. I’m no noob - been playing since 2013. Just tried a calm gamma site and got my butt handed to me - not by the NPCs, but by the stupid environment boundaries (which, thanks to the strange camera angle are impossible to see until you hit them, and near impossible to get out of once inside).

I got so turned around I couldn’t see anything except the boundaries. Then by the time I rotated the camera enough to find the conduit to the next room, I had taken so much damage that my 300m fit was doomed. Guess I shouldn’t have re-subscribed just for Abyssal content after all.

I can’t imagine what new players must think of this content. I had read that t1 and t2 sites were a breeze so I bought a filament and put together a decent Gila fit. My reward? Being unable to even open the first loot box I came to (missing 6 Triglavian something or other). Not sure why I bothered at all.

Now I am totally out of ISK and have no Abyssal loot to sell to get more. I spent what I had left on my Gila fit. I hope someone from CCP reads this so they can learn how unfriendly and unwelcoming the new content is, even for experienced players. I’ve done plenty of PvP and wormhole diving and I thought a t1 site would be a cakewalk. Even so, I did my due diligence. I read several guides and compared fits to optimize my own. I easily had the site under control if not for the unnecessary and seemingly unavoidable environment boundary death.

I get that it’s supposed to be cinematic. The visuals are incredible, but the gameplay isn’t. Who cares how great the AI is if you can’t even see which way your ship is going?

ignored rule 1.
Dont fly what you cant afford to lose…

Yes, very true. Looking back I think I was still in rage-quit mode when I wrote that.

However, an unnecessary and presumably avoidable boundary death is a totally different story than a death at the hands of an NPC. I had a fit that was workable and I was punished in a completely unnecessary way for something that the new UI makes difficult to avoid, despite having experience and having read many guides to ensure that I’d be ready.

Boundary have audio ques as well as visual ones those sounds will even trigger if your drones hit it before your ship does and its not that hard to correct your course to stay inside of a bubble.

shoot it loot wreck.

Was enjoying the Abyss sites until suddenly a 1.2billion isk Gila fit went from 70hp/s shield regen to 53, oh and drones apparently started eating lead paint chips fortified with mercury, wouldn’t stay focused on single target, wouldn’t stay on same target (yes focus fire was on). This literally changed between down time and server came back up. It is pretty lame losing a ship in a level 3 of the exact same makeup using same tactics I blew through with 8 minutes to spare 5 or more times the previous day. I had ran so many sites prior with same ship I stopped claiming agency points after 2000. Was doing them for fun, risk was accepted, but now it seems an exercise in futility.