Abysal guaranteed spawn of death welcome!

After clearing 4x marshal rooms more than once without dying, finally today I’ve found the CCP’s room of “you die now” in a T4 gamma .
Welcome to 6x dissipators 4x entanglers + battleship drifter.
overheat ab burn towards BS …get 0 capped in 20 seconds and webbed…BS still maintains 30km .
I’m now at 200/ms killing the last two entanglers , half shields gone …
Now working on the dissipators to get some speed back…90% shield down BS still 30km+ …
wreck wreck wreck , 0 cap ,can’t even get one afterburner cycle ,with 3 disipators left…

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose…because we, CCP, will make you loose !

Edit:Now I was full shields and cap when I entered the room, 140so shield recharge , good mods 700mil ship fit started charging to the bs, targetting webbers right away,.dis thing beat 4x marshals 4x pacifier something rooms more than once without that much difficulty yet it dies to this impossible shitspawn …what can u do really ? People say maintain traversal vs bs…u can’t do that with 0 cap and webbed …
And did I mention I got wrecking shot after a wrecking shot…possible the bs spawned near a tracking pylon didn’t even notice that but wtf …

Okay, I think I understand why CCP did what they did. So, people kept complaining that content “get’s solved,” which makes it boring and throws off the risk to reward ratio. So, how do you prevent that from happening? Seriously, how do you? How do you keep content fresh, exciting, and dangerous?

Well, what makes PvP fresh, exciting, and dangerous? Well, I think that there are there main things: 1) Humans are unpredictable, 2) they adapt, and 3) they produce salt. Unfortunately, any attempts to replicate the salt would ring hollow, and I’d imagine that designing an AI that can adapt to players is exceedingly difficult. So what’s left? Making them unpredictable -introducing an element of randomness.

Now, I’m not saying I completely agree with this idea for Eve. While I do think it’s a good choice for many games, Eve has a harsh death mechanic. So it feels really shitty to lose a ship through no fault of your own, and just bad RNG. So, I think there is an argument to be made against this sort of design. That being said, I’m not exactly sure how to make things better either.

Regardless, until things are changed, I suggest you try to figure out how to manage your risk as best you can and consider losses as part of your operating expense… or go find something that is more predictable.

No P2W

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You introduce randomly occurring elements of surprise. The old PVE content like missions and certain DED and other signature combat complexes have that as well. For instance, a combat plex that I run every single day has the very low chance of throwing a double spawn of rats in one or two of its deadspace pockets at you. If you do not pay attention and miss those, you can easily lose your shiny toy that could normally run this same complex without any trouble.

They do not need to happen every time or regularly, just every now and then is perfectly fine so that you need to check every pocket closely when you enter it to see if you will be in trouble or not. The old PVE has it, it should be in the new PVE as well. And even more so since all new PVE is just an unregulated, unmitigated and uncontrolled ISK fountain without appropriate risk for the amount of rewards. Abyss space was introduced as a resources sink (you should regularly lose your ship; that’s why you get so much ISK as reward so that you can buy new ships fast), hence these rooms of death should be much more common.


Oh, did you notice that I took a page out of your play book? I’ve got my own red dot now.

No P2W

I did notice that people started to use that thing. What exactly triggered it?

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Why the hell you rushed into web range? drifter BS in abyss has only 60KM optimal plus 20 km falloff. Easily can be range tanked. You should burn away asp while killing as many webs and neuts before they close in. Even if they web you. You should be far enough to mitigate some incoming DPS from BS.

Other approach would to not take any action after landing in pocket. Unless it’s first room you will be burning straight into next conduit. If you won’t do anything it takes few seconds for NPC’s to react. Many times giving enough time to close distance substantially. But without AB, in shield tanked cruiser (boomed sig) you probable wouldn’t be able to get under guns anyway.

of course I assume you are using gila

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Yeah, passive gila .was third room, the first 2 rooms were very easy spawns that’s why I got into third full shield/cap.
What do you mean burning towards next conduit ? I can’t activate gate before killing all NPC’s…
I thought that “burning away” would have been the better option ? But people said that it’s actually worse, the best thing was to try get close to BS asap…fortunately this spawn made it impossible.

I got roughly 20-25mil profit per site in some 60 runs or so total, with as low as 10mil and the very rare 100mil site…it’s not really that profitable at T4’s…you need to invest some 1.5bil in a fit that’s ought to survive most of the ■■■■■■■■ spawns…and maybe in some 200 runs you get your money back lol . I barely made my money back with dis gila before loosing it …again.

When you spawn in pocket. You automatically fly in direction of next gate. If you have prop mod on while taking gate. It will be also active in next pocket.

People claim a lot of things. It took me few seconds to look up NPC stats. And I killed karen rooms many times by putting drones on her and pulling range. While it takes more time (less dps due to no missiles) sometimes much better approach when there are tracking pylons or clouds.

You need better fit. Not long ago I did t4’s in active tanked gila while alpha in ~600 mil fit. No implants.

How many runs with that alpha gila in t4’s until it died , tho ? Youtube it’s full of experts displaying cheapshit gila running t4/t5’s with * 100m+ isk/hour afk noob easy" in the title, showing off some easy spawns but never hard ones.
600mil fit active tanked in t4’s ? Please show me what that fit is so I can add some 300mil isk on top of it to be safer…now gila’s go for 300-350mil a pop, not 200 anymore.

100 or so. Can’t really tell since I don’t record my abyss performance. It died to full neut room (vedmaks and damaviks) and only because I didn’t noticed that everything was neuts.

I bought it before industry changes so estimated above might be bit low.

[Gila, T4 Electrical Gila]
Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster
Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
10MN Afterburner II

Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Rapid Light Missile Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Rapid Light Missile Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Rapid Light Missile Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Rapid Light Missile Launcher
Drone Link Augmentor I

Medium EM Shield Reinforcer II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

Imperial Navy Infiltrator x4

Caldari Navy Scourge Light Missile x76
Caldari Navy Mjolnir Light Missile x1656
Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB5 Dose II x1
Standard Blue Pill Booster x1

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I was doing some testing with full passive fits on test server T4 Exotics …Encountered room with SIX…SIX Drainer Marshals …are u blibbling me lmao : ) I can’t see any but a 5bil high grade implants dual battery fit beating that combo …passive 170hp recharge, I was floating whale neuted in 10 seconds and died like a potato in 2 minutes : )

Why not just join some null Corp and go ratting?

Well, figure it out yourself…

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Can’t yet afford carrier ratting which is basically the only one worth doing atm , so I started doing abysalls to complain about it !

Subcap does good enough too compared to regular l4 mission running

Have you tried a suicide fit with as t1 ship before jumping to conclusions like this?
I mean, obviously it can be really hard to survive, but a 400DPS Talwar is a good ship…
have you tried it?

Well I died again to the same combo , in the recommended passive 190hp/s regen fit , t4 exotics 5x dissipators 2x webbers +drifter battleship. Either way you do this, pulling range or trying to get closer, you’re out of cap in 2 neut cycles …then the cap regen on passive is so low that by the time you get 2 more ab cycles back, you’re almost dead and drifter still pulling distance. Clearly this is a 100% death room for passive builds and every vet on youtube boasting how they do t5 in passive fits fail to show how this room is cleared, bcs they prolly die in it every time aswell.

CCP has to make cash and the only way doing it is if you are lacking isk and you keep buying plex to finance yourself. better get used to it. this risk/reward stuff is just BS to cover up their miserable attempts