Broken Eden

so they take interdiction nullification from combat ceptors to make nullsec ‘more dangerous’

yeh defo more dangerous… i still dont know who came up with that one; much less the people who actually believed it…
Then this video comes out, how poignant and very true this feels (the migration)

So, CCP… as goons can now field what, 1400 titans in one fleet?
and have so many players
all of which you at CCP made possible an for many (especially the krabs) essential…
and now that YOU have made it more expensive to build capitals making it even harder to catch up or for it to even out…

Now that space PvP is… really in quite a bad spot because YOU at CCP put it there…
Im curious…

How many of you are in goons? :smile:
Just kidding.
I want to know how this is going to get balanced, i think it is effectively killing eve unless your a super krab or want to multibox several accounts.

I suppose at this point one could say goons have won eve, but i think only because of the changes made in the past 2 or 3 years that have made what theyve been doing in delve possible.

Atm im guessing more and more join the cfc for the protective supercap umbrella; i think it would be incredibly short sited to see this as a ‘good thing’, even for the cfc.


I don’t know why, but I instantly stop caring about people’s arguments when they say that.
Probably because every other whiny post on here includes that phrase.

“Mah gamestyle is hard now! CCP killing teh game!!! (grrr goons) :sob:

And I say that as somebody who’s not happy with the state of the game. So I’d probably agree with your overall argument. It’s just the excessive whining. Holy cabbage.

Unfortunately, the facts remain that eve is quiet af and trolling my posts are well

Which, makes you about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
Now, if you were to be constructive, we could dialogue. Amazing right?


Ok, lets have a dialogue. What is the feature or game change you suggest to mend the problem you layed out on your op?


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