Broken eden

so they take interdiction nullification from combat ceptors to make nullsec ‘more dangerous’

yeh defo more dangerous… i still dont know who came up with that one; much less the people who actually believed it…
Then this video comes out, how poignant and very true this feels (the migration)

The Whaler: An Eve Documentary [Olmeca Gold for CSM!]

So, CCP… as goons can now field what, 1400 titans in one fleet?
and have so many players
all of which you at CCP made possible an for many (especially the krabs) essential…
and now that YOU have made it more expensive to build capitals making it even harder to catch up or for it to even out…

Now that space PvP is… really in quite a bad spot because YOU at CCP put it there…
Im curious…

How many of you are in goons? :smile:
Just kidding.
I want to know how this is going to get balanced, i think it is effectively killing eve unless your a super krab or want to multibox several accounts.

I suppose at this point one could say goons have won eve, but i think only because of the changes made in the past 2 or 3 years that have made what theyve been doing in delve possible.

Atm im guessing more and more join the cfc for the protective supercap umbrella; i think it would be incredibly short sited to see this as a ‘good thing’, even for the cfc.

Failure to extrapolate the information contained within is YOUR failure, let us first examine
“interdiction nullification from combat ceptors” as point one.
Second points/issues are made in the video
*Anom ratting
*Nullsec is too Safe
*Supercap umbrellas
*Alliances/coalitions allowed to be too big

Honestly I could go on and even post suggested fixes, but there are a plethora of suggested fixes on the forums shall we just start with the FIRST LINE OF THE POST.

For those of you that are a bit dim let us examine this.
“so they take interdiction nullification from combat ceptors to make nullsec ‘more dangerous’”

So there are a few keywords here.
*interdiction nullification
*combat ceptor
*more dangeous

And so in this sentence it would appear that what I am stating (with the evidence provided) that the original (incorrect) theory that taking nullification away would ‘make nullsec more dangerous’ has in fact had the exact OPPOSITE effect and merely made nullsec even safer as now there is no roaming gang that can easily and quickly bypass bubbles that have been spammed at strategic choke points.

and so if this is the issue it would be an incredibly easy step, nay; an obvious one, to assume that the fix would be to…

bring back interception nullification.

More English reading comprehension perhaps later in the day when I actually have time for teaching, for now, good luck have fun :slight_smile:


Just use the other interceptor then?


BuT I cAn’T dO tHe ShOoT sHoOt wItH tHe OtHeR iNtErCePtOr !!!1!!11

To be honest, it’s a good thing combat interceptors lost their nullification. That way there is a good difference between the two interceptors.

Combat Interceptors are way better in dogfighting and picking off small important targets like Logistic Frigates or EWAR frigates, using their sheer speed and brute force to get in good places easier than Assault Frigates. And as the EVE Univeristy’s page for ships like the Crusader, Combat Intercepors can still be used as scram kiters, which don’t leave them without roles as solo or small fleet ships, where getting as much DPS out of every ship is important.

On the other hand, Fleet Interceptors (Stiletto, Ares, etc) are best used, well, in fleets. They can still deal a bit of damage, as they all have at least one weapon bonus, they get smaller MWD signature bloom, and some ships like the Malediction even get a tanking bonus. They are made to stay on the field and use their improved tackling modules (5% bonus to range per Interceptors skill level).

use fleet interceptor(s) to catch your prey instead

Other interceptors dont work in the same vein; they lack any real punch. They are great at tackling but not very good at other things. Combat ceptors are basically s##t right now, you can still use them ye, but why bother.
Im not sure where you three are coming from, one says to use a thing that is not the same thing; thats like saying use a spunge to clean the toilet instead of the brush - we know it sort of works but its not really a good idea…
Another set out to explain what interceptors do in order to confirm to themselves they can read i guess?

I do love the forums though, your all highly amusing stereotypes.

That doesn’t make any sense for a variety of reasons; first a fleet interceptor is meant for fleet interceptor work; and a combat interceptor is not… i feel a bit stupid having to type that out so i wont debase myself continuing this debate as i have just realised your simply trolling - at least i hope so; no one could be that challenged.

Combat interceptors were one of the favoured ships of solo pvpers so your statement makes little sense other than to show you do not truly understand the concepts.

And no, eve online isnt just about gangs, it IS meant to be played solo too…

It is supposed to be a sandbox and in being so, id recommend bringing back the nullification too, its simply not justifiable to nerf a whole class because ‘fozzieclaws ermigerd’

Many many alliances have been dying off i have noticed that myself, EvE is indeed a far cry from being the active playground it once was.

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