I think this shows eve perfectly in 1 screen shot

I have to laugh one guy trying to solo pvp and this is what blobsec undock to get a good fight and then proceed to sit at 0 on citadel xD got to love eve.



prettymuch yea

You spend hours roaming, to come against a bunch of tightarses with soo many isks and ships to spare, and with somehow still the thought of having too much to lose…

Tight EvEnerds don’t make for very fun opponents.
Always have and always will be, save for some very rare cases.


What else do you expect botters to do? I’m surprised they found the undock button at all.



Thing is, hes trying to run around with a phantasm from a safe distance and fire.

Back when I was in stain, we had this guy come in a 3km/s snake set zealot, flying 40km away and shooting at us. This is really no risk pvp.

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Tbh people can undock a rapier in range, it’s not like it used to be, especially in the jag meta.

plenty of ways to fk that

Maulus for example

40k is close.

But carriers… for 1 cruiser… thats probably faster than their fighters… that, that is dumb.
Its not even carriers… its dreads… huh…

We were way out there in the middle of stain, we didnt have a good supply of every ship ever, only a few doctrine ships and some T3s. And this was 5-6 years ago, so yeah. Not a time where a lot of industry was going on, and not a lot of JFs either.

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Th good old days :smiley:


Exactly. Both entertaining and terrifying now that I looked back. Kids in nullsec have it so good and easy these days. Back in my day, you needed a separate char just to sit in a super or titan.


Injectors, microtransactions.

It was meant to save Eve.

But people ended up piling all their assets and never used it, and are now too scared lose it when they do.

There is no interesting gameplay and moving around anymore, because there is no situational need to.

Everyone’s fat.


I wonder if we will ever get a more resource scarce environment.

Not now, not ever.

Too risky move for CCP.

Game will remain stale and greasy until the end.

Perhaps you should quit. It will make the game better for you.

Already have a while ago.

Having played since 2007, I just couldn’t follow on what the game had become.


Except for goons.

Certainly does not look like a game I would want to play

Considering the image lacks a CEO laughing at thoughtless idiots,
while bathing in their money,
this really doesn’t describe EVE too well.