Live stream on July 10 at 18:00 UTC: Dev Q&A

Following CCP Seagull’s Summer 2017 video blog, we invite you to get more involved, to ask questions, and to chat with our developers.

Join the Q&A live stream with our developers on July 10 at 18:00 UTC.

In preparation for the live stream, we welcome you to post your questions here. So, if you have any questions about the road map, game balance and upcoming features let us know!


Are you planning to bring back more story telling and lore progression to the game? Would really love that.


Are there any plans to give faction capitals and supercaptials a unique ship model?


1.) Are or were there any plans to do an overhaul of the contract system?
2.) What is the progress on the re-addition of PLEX to the character bazaar system?
3.) Are you happy with the current state of individuals with hundreds+ characters SP farming?

  1. Will you include NPC stations in NPC null space as asset recovery point?

  2. Will you introduce an NPC constellation in the middle of the drone lands to reduce BOT activities there? Like we know from CCP Quant - RMT that is coming from this was one of the reasons for Fighter Nerf.

  3. Do you consider adjusting eve universe, as after phoebe some areas became very desolated. Drone lands (even more), deep south and deep north.

  4. What ways do you want to balance skill injectors. They are throwing whole ecosystem of new eden out of balance, as people are injecting into current most profitable items.

  5. How you will address issue raised by injectors and losing players due to:

A. nerfs (player injecting into rorquals, 3 days later information about nerf is released - and person rage quitting as he spent a lot of RL $$ on item that is nerfed).

B. huge skill go farms. Plex subscription players cannot get enough isk to buy constantly raising PLEX and leaving the game.

I am aware that some of those points are increasing income for CCP, but at the same time are reducing “eve experience” for rest players that also provide the basic income for CCP

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[quote=“StainGuy, post:6, topic:9086, full:true”] I am aware that some of those points are increasing income for CCP, but at the same time are reducing “eve experience” for rest players that also provide the basic income for CCP

Everything happening From going F2P (failed) to breaking up PLEX (disaster) to the Skill Injector nightmare and soon the ‘Go Omega for a week, only 150 PLEX’ and including the nerfs and ‘balances’ is geared towards the bottom line as CCP gets ready to be bought…


Hi there. I would have few questions for the Q&A Sessions.

  1. Will Planetary Interaction receive some much needed love in terms of a rework? It is a nice little mechanic but things like saving layout templates, selecting multiple factories to making the UI smoother would be much appreciated things among others.

  2. Many players run missions but over the decade they have become a little stale. Would it be possible to create new sites & make site layout vary in a rouge-like fashion. Perhaps also add new missions like gauntlets. Higher you advance/longer you survive in a dynamically generated mission complex, higher the rewards ISK, LP & Item (Blue/Green Modules)

  3. Currently conflict drivers are missing for highsec combat regarding citadels. Would it be possible to remove asset safety from highsec citadels so players may again go for those big loot piñata POS’s, only being citadels now instead like they are only in wormholes anymore?

  4. Marauders have been driven to near extinction in wormholes with the introduction of combat timer to block refitting while in bastion. Could you possibly take a look at removing the effect, if only in W-Space to bring back the ability for solo play and more fun things to clash over?


The watch list removal, while clearly necessary, has significantly impacted many ‘hunting’ play styles in all sectors of space, and severely reduced the utility of the age-old locator agents (see CCP Quant’s graph here: Are there any plans to either buff locator agents (like add the ability to tell online/offline?) or add other hunting intel functionality (like the proposed Observatory Arrays?) in the foreseeable future?


When will EvE Online do a cross-over event with Twin Peaks?

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Hello Developers!

When will you improve cargo bays across all ships in Eve?
Like increase the cargo bay size, maybe add dedicated cap booster cargo bays?
Add drone or ammo cargo bays?
I wish cruise missiles had faster rate of fire.
Also can’t you please make the cargo expander rigs increase the fleet hangar cargo size too for DST’s especially?
Also can you decrease the size of azbel and fortizars to 60 000 or 65 000 m3 instead of the silly 80 000 m3 its currently.
Also wish for 2nd tier of Marauders, like say a hybrid turret marauder for caldari, a drone one for gallente and a missile one for amarr and a missile one for minmatar for example.
Also a while back you did great things with skill books and items in the game adding explanations where the items or blueprints could be used or what things certain skill levels unlock.
There are still tons of items with no explanation.
Like advanced Pi p4 items doesn’t show what blueprints they are used in yet!
also would be fun if freighters had more mid and highslots right now they are very boring to fly and even more boring to fit.
Would be great with Electronic warefare t1 battleships for all 4 main factions?
Add a way to save fittings for planetary interaction planet side setups ?

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My question is, why is there such a large imbalance in the number of skins?

Amarr and Gallente have nearly twice as many as Caldari and Minmatar.

Also the Caldari skins in particular are just boring dark colour shifts. What’s the deal?
Why can’t we get vibrant, interesting skins like the other races?

Thanks for your time.


Will CCP ban station or gate camping in high sec?

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What are your opinions on the current status of risk vs reward in eve?

Basically at the individual level I see pretty much no reason to leave highsec. I could go to null and do carrier ratting, but I’d make less overall and it would be a pure isk faucet which isn’t good for game health. I think there are some interesting options in lowsec that I plan on trying, and some I have done in the past.

I think some aspects of risk/reward are handled pretty well, for example exploration, the loot spawns pretty well according to sec status.

Any plans to rebalance LP store offerings?

  • Various items are pretty much never profitable to produce, due to lp cost and/or tag requirements.
  • FW and Lv5 missions use the same LP stores as the navy corps makes many agents unprofitable.

Any plans to rebalance missions/agents?

  • Mission spawns heavily favor a very small number of agents.
  • some stores don’t have access to an agent that makes running for that corp a profitable activity.

for example I can make so much LP/hr in Lanngisi due to the low system true sec and mission spawn mechanics that I’d need to make something like 3k isk/lp in pretty much all other systems to make the same amount over all. and 3k isk/lp isn’t something that comes up often.

Any plans for lowsec?
*I’ve seen some people calling for a FW revamp
*Any plans for non-FW lowsec


What are you envisioning for future conflict drivers? Things that would make us want to take more or different space that we don’t currently own, and reasons to actually defend space that we do own.

The grudge matches of old just aren’t enough any more. I think that is partly because we can’t have any real effect on eachother, partly because the grind is massive, and partly because the result is just another region that you don’t really need. And on the defensive side, when the masses show up, why should we not just give everyone the finger and moonwalk away to someplace else?

  1. Problem with imbalanced LP stores and unpopular faction modules (due the lack of blueprints or overpriced cost) in factions like Khanid or Ammatar, made some Empire regions deserted and modules market limited. Are any of developers aware of that issue and are there any plans to fix that in nearest future?

  2. Imbalance in exploration loot quality between factions in Empire space. If you look at anomalies for example you’ll see clear pattern (Guristas > Serpentis\Angels > Sansha > Blood raiders) that currently brings most players towards mindless Guristas farm. Any plans on fixing that imbalance by changing the loot or complexes quality?

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  1. Any plans on changing ship icons? they still use the old nebula backgrounds which have been removed 6 years ago. For newer players this can cause confusion

  2. Any plans to rebalance escalations and expeditions? a lot of modules from exploration are less worth than T2 plus running anomalys for escalations yields more sites than scanning for them.

  3. Any changes to C2, C4 and C6 sites planned? There the NPC’s spawn over 100km away, while in C1, C3 and C5 they spawn close to the central structure in the site.

  4. When will Logistics, Covert ops and Blackops get their rebalances?

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Do you have any plans for events which results will change depending on player’s action?
I want to experience events like Kyonoke Inquest in the game.

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What is your opinion about current state of Marauders and their place in the game? Last time they were touched 4 years ago and even at that moment they had obsolete bonuses (48km Tractor beam, duh) and strange limitations.

Will we ever see marauders with alternative weapon systems (e.g. Missile-centered Marauder for Minmatar\Amarr)?

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Seriously hope there will be some comments on any potential balance issues regarding the overall ecosystem and economy, in addition to the pvp ship power balancing.

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