Any thoughts on this? It seems like there has been no vision in the game since CCP Seagull left.

Seagull got us to where we are. I can do without a vision that brought us citadels, skill injectors and alphas, thank you very much.


I respect your point of view. I like the citadels, I think going free to play helped the game. From my perspective, the Spring and Summer release lack content and vision. I just don’t see any new value. Sorry.

Which was caused by the bad changes introduced by Seagull. Botting is going rampant (mainly) because of skill injectors, Null is boring as ■■■■ because of Citadels and Fozzy sov (which should be renamed to Seagull Sov), Alpha’s are mainly used for botting or cloaky camping.

Alphas can’t use cloak u silly goose


I stand corrected. Forgot about that. After that ridiculous buff I assumed they got cloaking as well. The alpha botting part in FW is true though.

I miss when all the botting cancer stayed in the drone regions. Nowadays it’s literally everywhere.

Inject --> bot --> inject —> bot, etc

I agree that Null is boring!
But the reason is what I disagree with…
Citadels and Fozzy sov kinda make you fight or at least try to protect your assets…
Last but not least makes u wait for the timers :smile:

But the real reason null is boring…LOCAL
Local will only make people to dock up and log off.
No skill or spaceship equipment needed!
Keep your eyes on local for 100% safety!
What’s the point of it?


The players wanted a safe area of space, and they created it for themselves. That’s what happens when you don’t think of the long-term effects of decisions. The only thing to do now is for players to work with what they’re given, since the larger groups aren’t going to willingly stop doing what they’re doing.

Meaning go cause your own chaos in null, however that may be.

That’s only true for solo players, which is, in my opinion, not the target audience of the game. For group playstyle local has hardly any value.

Null is boring because fozzy sov locked large groups up in a small area which they made perfectly safe to collect large amounts of ISK. Groups have no incentive to “visit” other areas in the game. All the group needs can be gathered in their own space.

Citadels are a failure because they are unbalanced towards defense. It is nothing but an enormous kick to the scrotum to attack/destroy them. The asset safety preventing incentive to drop â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  makes it even worse

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Yes new is bad…all today is BAAAAD…

Only the 2003 eve is the REAL eve…WHAAAAA

sarcasm off

Another one of this outrageous “kill local” posts?

Local stays in the game…forever…

Get used to this fact and stop whining
And “the point” is that people can can dock up and log off…

Not less safety is needed,it’s MORE safety…

People report strange behaviour of Local in Delve. :thinking:

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Hahahaha o you will not be happy when they finally remove it :]
you should pay more attention to thing’s CCP say one of them was that they are discussing local internally :].

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Strange behaviour of the locals in Delve too.

I think no local would result in more blobs.

A discussion does not mean anything…

We too can discuss to rob a bank tomorrow…will we do it?
Nah i don’t think so… :slight_smile:

If only there was a mechanic that would have incentivized to move or expand, like military/industrial indexes with reversed effect compared to current could have done - the more you rat and mine the slower and lower quality anomalies respawn. Then relatively small amount of space can’t support a ton of capsuleers.

The current mechanic of “the more you rat/mine - the more you get” is a bit stupid and illogical.


Goes against the laws of the universe lol, the more you take the more there is to take wtf lol.

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I believe it’s currently called Delve.

Next to that it’s null in a general sense.

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Two words: small guys.

When someone like Goons will adapt easily small guys will be removed completely by moving bigger ones.