Nullsec local should be like camping in the woods

In the woods; you may have a light or two to see where you are, but it would be too difficult (and stupid) to light up the whole forest so you can see all the monsters.

CCP, as a general null sec crabber, I’m completely blown away that you plan to end blackout without taking this opportunity to make a change to the mechanics. Now is the time since we have no local currently. Once you add it back, you’ll piss off even more people if you take it away again. What blows my mind the most is that you know having local doesn’t work and you had the balls to take it away, but now you’re putting it back without changes?

  1. Null local should at least be created by an intel structure that requires fuel. Anchoring that structure should also require a decent ADM.
  2. take away tethering for unfueled citadels (at the least)

why are these bad ideas?? they’ve been recommended by hundreds of players

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Because the Null sec Whiners told CCP NO.

So CCP grovelled and agreed.

At least your in the right section of space and are worthy of CCPs attention unlike 80% of this game.

I think abandoned structures shouldn’t be allowed to sit there forever and that people should be able to unanchor them if they’re abandoned for over a month or longer. I found a fair few POS towers in my time back in the old days

Oh my god; I completely agree. My solution: any unfueled structure is attacked by drifers and destroyed within a week of no fuel.

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I’d prefer to liberate and re-appropriate the item for my own use/wallet :slight_smile:

Bear in mind that changes required developers to be assigned to make them. And developers are always a limited resource. And people always underestimate the time required to make changes.

A change may happen in the future, informed by the information gathered with blackout.

They never said it was going to be forever.

The duration of this blackout is undetermined

Changes may happen in the future, but if they do, they’ll have to be designed and implemented first.

Oh how amazing

The CSM. The council designed to tell CCP the wishes of the players is once again

Explaining CCPs side of it to the players.

What a shocker. Just like every screw up in CCPs past.

And showing once again why the CSM must go to be replaced with real customer service, after CCP ask null if its alright first of course.

Oh look, Mark Marconi complaining as usual, about something he has no real knowledge of.

Especially if he thinks I give a crap what ‘nullsec’ thinks. But then again, he probably thinks I’m in their pocket for some reason, even though I spend all my time in highsec.

No I just think you don’t matter much in the scheme of things.

The CSM has stopped CCP from having real customer service for over a decade and as I said every time ■■■■ hits the fan, the CSM are appologising and explaining for CCP. Sometimes with CCP hiding for days.

I think we possibly have different opinions on what customer services are.

Because it’s certainly nothing to do with the CSM. We haven’t been meat shielding for them.

And just to blow your tiny little mind, members of the CSM have been talking about nullsec local for years. That something needs to be done to it.

I’m reminded of the lyrics from a Scottish singer and his song “Evil Scotsman”.

“If you don’t like the rules, then don’t play the ■■■■■■■ game”


Well the Null sec members seem to have screwed that one up huh?

As too meat shielding, look at your first comment because thats what it looks like.

Ahh, Billy. From the same city as myself :smiley:

An Evil Scotsman and the lyrics weren’t “If you don’t like the rules, then don’t pay for the ■■■■■■■ game”?

Ok back on topic. I understand it takes time to implement something. They could have said; ‘we’re bringing blackout to an end, but realize that we plan to make fundamental changes to intel in nullsec in the near future and are developing those changes now’. That would seriously ease the minds and anger of a lot of people I think. Just saying “blackout is ending Monday” is pretty lame.

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Hopefully CCP is just taking small steps towards removing Local from NullSec entirely, and this is just part of a “weaning” process.

Local goes and comes back. Then Local starts coming and going from different regions randomly. Eventually Local is gone.

A structure that you can anchor that allows you to see corpmates/alliance members in system, or just making that the default, makes sense (wouldn’t apply to NPC corps).

Roaming in Null without Local was hella fun and we got content where otherwise everyone would have docked up while we were 10j out.

it wasn’t Billy Connolly that sang that song but it’s good to know the Scots are here in numbers, I wonder how the “tartan army” channel is getting on these days

I know this is an old topic but… but they brought local back because a major part of null players left the game. And a lot of them haven’t came back, my alliance and co took a huge #'s hit. Blackout was killing the game, and fast. First all the main industry guys left and then the just PVE guys, I know most people say “well if you don’t PVP then you shouldn’t be in Null” well ok… maybe, but are they not also targets? If they all left? How many Rorq Tackled pings would there be? They brought back local like that for damage control, I kinda agree with you but I want a healthy player base more…

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