Remove Local from Nullsec

Remove local from Nullsec, replace it with a structure that allows local to be shown in only the system where the structure is anchored. Make the structure very high EHP and function like POS guns (Structure disables once EHP = 0).

  • Forces defending force to undock for once and actually rep the structure.
  • Provides content for everyone involved.
  • Balances the carebear mechanics that CCP keeps adding to the game
  • redefines Intel strategies in Nullsec

Make EVE scary again. Carebears burn.


Here you go:

Or no.

thank you for the link. I will post it there.



If they remove local, D-scan should be able to indicate which ships are in your fleet or corporation. Honestly, these ships should be able to identify themselves to each other.

Then whats the point of wormhole space then? Just go there.

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They did, its called wormhole space


Add a 5-10 second delay on the updating of local. Make the update time vary depending on the sec status (higher delay for the lowest security systems… ect ect. These bears need to put more effort into making their iskies

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