A solution to the blackout situation

I know there are many with strong opinions on this but, at the risk of the dynamics of GD, I will say my thoughts.
Null is deep space and there technically shouldn’t be local as it is a service that should be provided by some entity in low/high sec like empires etc. What should happen CCP is that you introduce content that enables alliances/power blocks or whoever to make a local in a system where they deem fit. I propose a tower that can be anchored in a system that needs servicing and defending that creates local for a given distance (like 20 AU for example). This would then give both sides an answer to it. The bigger the system the more you need and it gives local, but if there are gaps then in the coverage then it also gives spies or others the chance to ninja in and out as lack of total cover would mean them flitting in and out of local.

This would also mean that basically an alliance’s communications system would have to be taken out before a war and would make things much more interesting on all fronts. I think this would be a good compromise and allow strong alliances to monitor their areas better but they would have the headache of servicing and defending them as a cost.

Others might be able to refine it further but I think this is a fair solution for both side and would make a good balance so that everyone doesn’t get too comfortable without effort and there is still risk.


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Ok, maybe bad idea, but surprised there is no comment on it … for good or ill.

No, not more sov shyte.

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local just needs to be delayed for like 1 min after you connect to a new system. Then if you aren’t in that system for more than that minute you never show up in that local and your fleet can go undetected by the locals. It’d give the crabs a local and make local active for them again, it’d also force them to pay attention to their d-scan and use eyes on the gates. It’d bring back cloaky camping and it’d also make the hunter have a set time before the gig is up.


It’s a great idea, my friend proposed the same.

Delaying local appearance by one minute … I think this is worth trying. But I don’t think it will be implemented as it in best case needs dev effort (which CCP avoids like the plague) and in worst case it can’t be done with the now ejabberd driven chat system.

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There’s already a thread on the blackout here.

Another is not needed, place your feedback and theories there.