CSM for blackout

Im a simple man, I just want blackout to happen again, I understand that they may need to reform some things before doing it, but its not my job to figure how, so wich candidate will work in this direction?

Who is my candidate?




See my list.


And have people not login for the duration? no thanks.

black out was considered one of the worst things ccp has ever done, even if one of the CSM members went in guns blazing demanding that it come back ccp would never do it.

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Right ! Who needs high sec when we have null :slight_smile:
Because of CMS we have null sec the safest place in the game.

I am in favor of seeing a return of blackout, allthough the duration certainly needs tweaking.

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As much as I would like to see an iteration of blackout it depends on CCP’s willing to return and try one of the potentially best changes of 2019


I’d prefer to see a delay in local while in Null that begins the moment your gate cloak/jump invulnerability dies. I.e. Time + 10 mins.


Your list says “creating an ihub upgrade that allows for instant local in nullsec”, that means blackout for everyone except those who matter.

Its not important if Syndicate has or not has local, what its important is that delve dosent have it.

If people cant semi-afk circle anomalies without local what you have to reform is the anomalies. I wonder if there is data studing how lack of local the activity of people who do lvl4 misions on 0.0 during blackout. I felt it like a buf.

I would say that we need a hybrid of some ideas I have suggested we have a structure that requires fuelling that gives a system local and in addition to this local it doesn’t display ships that otherwise could not be identified via a D-Scan, so not showing while gate cloaked and combat recons etc.

Speaking of which… can we change Black Ops Battleships from being unable to use CovOps cloaks to instead getting the same benefit of the Curse (i.e. not showing up on D-Scan)?

Blackout made Null fun for content other than big timers and BLOPS. It was good for the game.

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That’s an idea, among a bunch of ideas. The idea behind that one is to require the folks in Delve to decide what is more important - local or their anomaly upgrades.

While I disagree with your proposal, i thank you for your reply.

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