Comms Blackout

I think it would be cool if corps could deploy radio antenna buoys to effectively create the chat channels within a system. Give the buoys a minimal range so that a network would have to be created.

This would allow corps that function in null-sec to increase security in their sector of space, but would also create a fun scenario of attacking corps being able to destroy those buoys creating a communication blackout.

It would add a level of realism to the game as well, as it would make the chat channels a function of the buoys rather than a function of the game interface.

I don’t really want any realism in a video game about futuristic spaceships where I can stick 6 implants into my head that are each 1 cubic metre big.


Maybe “realism” wasn’t the right word lol. Maybe a more in depth experience would be more accurate.

So you literally mean tie in normal channels that players create into a mini structure, that could be cool but where do the public channels like bringing solo back go that people from all over eve join. ? XD

this is what CCP needs to do with local in null what they have stated they want to do with local in null and what past csms have said they believe would be the best direction to go with null. Adding player agency both in setting up local and removing it is the most EvE way to handle it.

However I get the feeling @CCP_Falcon will be here soon to move and lock this into the black out thread as he wants EVERYTHING there so he, CCP, and the community can be more focused in its discussion.

If you’re not in range of a buoy then no communications, at all. Hi-sec buoys would be controlled by Concord so coverage there wouldn’t change.

Then I would vote no because global channels are critical to eve.

yeah just a light structure that adds local chat to that one null system is all that is needed

As long as it requires PLEX as fuel.

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