spitballing really.

First, EvE would need blackout back and a change in wormhole dynamics (no statics?)

Ansiblex communications relay
If adm is at 3 this structure can be used to negate the effects of blackout. Could make it so you need one active for normal chat and an adm of 5 and 2 or 3 for a local chat that is controlled by the holding alliance… and probably something inbetween to be fair.

Nullsec is very… static these days, very boring; i think if the unused areas of space were in perpetual blackout it may help put some life back into it whilst having local chat in alliance held areas… win win?

Ansiblex einstein rosen bridge
Takes a day or so to ‘align’ after which it creates a wh of xxx size to a specified type of security space. Think of it like a rollable wormhole but instead of needing several bs warping back and forth you just activate the ‘bridge’

Theres several pro’s and cons to this… im not overly sure about it myself; sizes, timers, would it put an effective end to rolling bs or simply put a structure that creates conflict? would it be better to take away all statics or simply make the statics random af? (so a wh with two exits always has two… but they could be frig size, null or jspace etc)

Your thoughts?

The Blackout didnt bring more content.
It was “fun” the first days but after that it did just hurt smaller groups.

Who needs a local if we can just Drop Caps & Supers on every target.

So i dont have a problem to remove local but i guess it will benefit the larger groups as always :stuck_out_tongue:

Who have a completely different view on things, but then your in horde and only do big group stuff.
Blackout would hurt you, not smaller groups, certainly not smaller roaming groups and you wouldnt hot drop everything you found in blackout space as you wouldnt know if there was a counter drop there…

Constructive thoughts are welcomed.

Yours are not even truthful.

Well we had the Blackout also in Horde. We didnt lost any large Ship (or battle) in the Blackout time.
Sure, Subcap newbeans got dropped but didnt hurt the Gameplay in a whole. We had smaller cap losses without local…

As every Nullsec alliance has a recon group monitoring 95% of Movements into the Space it isnt a large deal. Blackout was good for us. Alot of Ships to Shoot…

Dropping Caps & Supers isnt a big deal for Large Alliances.

Enemys attacking? Drop Caps!
Got Counter dropped? Drop more Caps!

Thats the current Meta and not a problem if enemys are operating in Alliance System.
And if you move Caps that would hurt a large Alliance they get intelt before you even arrive.

Also saying “Nullsec is Static” isnt right. Its just your few as Lowsec/WH guy (if that toon is your main, alse post with your Main). Alot of small Alliances moved into Nullsec after Tribute got glassed.

So to give you a “constructive” feedback:

Remove local
its fine for PVPers but dont hurt Large Alliances

"WH Portal Spawn’er"
if someone want it (and optional) - good thing.
But most 00 Alliances are not interested in WH Warfare.

Also this things were mentioned month ago after the Chaos Era :wink:

yeh, in the systems most closest to home.
where in this scenario… wont be in blackout…

What? is there leakage out of your ears?

then why are you here?

Honestly if gatecamping and trolling forums is fun for you thats good and really, i hope you enjoy it but this is not crime and punishment…

Dunno… you are asking for feedback - you get feedback - you feel attacked and hurted…
Not gonna reply anymore.

Have fun m8 :slight_smile:

(also edit is a thing. No need to spam your own thread :P)

your not giving feedback, your being a typically little f1 troll.
Hence your first post.


dont cry too hard into it.

LMAO jesus with that killboard you have?
being with horde?

a lie, or your really ignorant.

But you dont want it back?? hmmm

it is, static and boring, all you do is camp lxq so i dont imagine you really know.

Do that in lxq more, see what happens?
Yeh, exactly, so another lie.

you actually believe this? lol

no, really?
Move next to delve, let me know how that goes.

Brilliant strategy, only they are in kitey frigates or jackdaws…
Your fc’ing skills must be amazing…

Not exactly…

so the first suggestion is a good one then? i thought so too.

Uhm… so … why didnt you just like the post and say you thought it was a good idea?

Trolling an ideas forum; i suppose we shouldnt expect anything more from a little bean.

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And you weren’t even active during blackout. So much for truthful or constructive.

But almost all areas of null sec are held by alliances.

In other words: the holding alliance and biggest groups that can easily maintain high ADMs have local, but hunters, neutrals and attackers do not? And smaller groups that only hold a few systems, do not possess a capital umbrella and thus are easily camped to deteriorate ADMs cannot benefit from this either. Great idea.

little bean little bean… camp must be boring today.

would mean people have to rat on the outskirts of territory; in blackout.
Smaller alliances in nullsec are always under someones batphone.
People stating it would hurt smaller alliances are, oddly, seemingly unaware of null politikal bs.

For a few moments, and then they have local back. If that would ever be the case at all. Educate yourself in regions like Delve, Fountain, Deklein, Kalevala Expanse, Malpais, Cobalt Edge, Tenerifis, or Esoteria. These regions have widespread ADMs of 4+.

And you seem to be unaware of the fact that local helps smaller groups by giving them necessary information about what is going on in their systems and neighborhood so that they can do things or not if the risks are disproportionate to the gains.

Wow did he call a Forum CTA? xD
First of all - if you are still a “OMFG MY KILLBOARD IS SO AMAZING!!1!!1!!” kiddie i want to tell you something…: get friends :stuck_out_tongue:

You say i lie… Just Post Killmails? No… easier to say someone lie’s
Didnt say in any way i dont want it back :wink:

We have daily fleets, we have alot of roams in nullsec… we fight each other. That isnt Static.
Stop beeing a Reddit Journalism if you dont have any informatioms about 00.

We dont Drop Caps in LXQ… Why? Because Horde always had a system where we dont drop Caps to give everyone SUbcap fights… but i assume “you know it already”

And noone is talking about delve. i Always talked about “Alliance Systems”
Aaaand also, you Amazing Killboard Warrior, a small thing that you ned to know about 00 Alliances dropping Supers & Caps:

You drop Supers & Caps to help your m8s. If you can kill the enemy - great.
If you can just remove tackel and can get the Alliance m8s off field - its fine.

You and your Corpm8s are pointing ppl to be Forum Trolls, Idiots and monkeys.
But if i read the whole thread i just think you should get a social & reality update.
And rethink your Forum CTAs.

If you dont want any reply or just waiting for “OMFGG!!! THAT IS SO BRILIANT! YOU ARE OUR HERO!!1!!” posts - dont write in Public Forums :slight_smile:

Have a nice day and see you in LXQ :smiley:

half your current space would be in blackout, likiely including systems between jump bridges.

More for some others.

Even large alliances would have to consolidate positions more as maintaining a decent intel network spread through an entire region would be impossible without activity.

Strategically your alliance would be in a poor position for defence of its assets, certainly if asset safety wasnt what it is.

I think this is what is meant when people say null is static and boring; the ability to nonchalantly hold so much (unused) space with local channel intel make it largely empty (boring) and very static (no real movement)

I think the pointing to your killboard was meant to indicate that your character doesnt really do anything but sit on gates and in big fleets; meaning your unlikely to really understand fully the whole theory - because it really does indicate your not the type of player that has any real experience ingame.

your welcome.

And THAT really does make you look like you are truly incapable of free thinking outside the box.

Pandemic Horde

Gotta love them.