Mechanic Idea for Ansiblex structures by adding dynamic opportunity to invaders

A funny idea i happened across and thought worth sharing

allowing the use of hacking modules on ansiblex structures which would negate their effects for a period of time, could be a cool way of adding a new aspect of tactical gameplay to null warfare, and give BLOPS groups real opportunity to sway the tides of war like they are supposed to be able to.

i would say that i think that there would be an ESS-like announcement at the initiation of the hack, and once successful would cause a timer to start rolling, which if completely timed would cause the afforementioned negation of system wide effects of gens, jammers and jump gates, unless someone from the defending side pushes off the instigators and thusly re-secures the mainframe by entosis linking the structure.

seems better than the defender possibly failing to secure the structure with a rehack and thusly i went for the entosis option here.

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