Null sec anoms

Hi all,

I want to suggest and have or not your support on this.

I would like to propose the Homefront Operation type of content in null sec where you can’t use caps (gates) at least as hard as incursions, if not harder - random NPC cap and super cap spawn. Content that will force people to tag along, instead of boring anomalies we have been framing for years now.

Why CCP lore masters can come up with some sort of pirate uprising in null sec? They are being murdered in millions. Every day. Think about new player retention and people willing to move to null sec for this content (maybe)? Think how many groups would stand and fight ‘neuts’ since they potentially could be prepared. Content creating high-end content.

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Hello and welcome to Eve.

During ‘Blackout’, Drifter fleets started attacking Null Sec Alliance structures and the ‘Big Blue Donut’ basically threatened CCP with an embargo on high end minerals and moongoo used by highsec manufacturers and if CCP didn’t stop the Drifter attacks, they’d unsub their accounts.

Needless to say CCP quickly complied with their demands. So yeah, while your basic idea is something players have proposed in the past, it’ll never happen due to CCP wanting to keep their current money players happy.

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I dont want to set null sec on fire :smiley:

I’m suggesting this as addition to current anoms we already have but more like a group content

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