Invasions and/or any other new content in NULL-sec! When?!

Why are there no invasions in null-sec?! Triglavian and Sansha invasions in null-sec will change both the PVE and PVP during the invasions in those systems and make it more dynamic and interesting. At the moment the only thing that is happening in null-sec is PvP, mining, and boring rating on the belts or anomalies.

CCP please consider some events in null-sec also. If not invasions then something else. For 11 years in this game I’m bored to my bones in NULL-sec constantly doing the same thing over and over again. At this point Imperia and Low-sec have much much more content than NULL-sec.

I just did a Sansha invasion in null security two weeks ago, not even.

They’re in Null, the Triglavians though, that would be cool. I think they aren’t in Null because of the loot that gets dropped, and trying to cordon the loot to a particular sector.

On top of that, the Triglavians just want to watch the world burn, they can wreak the most havoc in High Security space.

Trigs are only interested in hi-sec, null sec got the Drifter fleets with the Blackout.

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Players in Nullsec are generally expected to entertain each other. The PVE content largely a source of income. I don’t think Null needs more PVE content but updating the existing anomalies and signatures with the new tools - procedural generation, weather effects, etc… would be a good investment, adding variety and challenge. I suspect those farming the existing content would hate that!

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