Why is triglavian invasions the most neglected content by DEVS?

I’d like to start by asking, why make triglavian invasions much less attractive than Sansha’s?
Why use a tremendously inferior AI which allows any ship to steal payouts, steal salvage without any risk?
Because they know perfectly well that they will never, never be targeted by this painful AI making this type of content little less than viable, what is the point of implementing that has already taken time with its initial errors?
Is it something that developers already know but keep it the same so that frustration is what does not allow profit?
A frustration not caused by the difficulty of these, but by a clearly broken system that allows thieves to take no risk, such as salvaging wrecks without losing security status or winning payout without major contributions like Sansha’s incursions.
Unfortunately as a consumer a terrible experience than usual in EVE.

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If you think Trig invasions are neglected content don’t ever go look at NPC missions. I don’t think those have been touched in nearly a decade.


I understand the point but the triglavian content is relatively new, but they still preferred to do a rework to the sansha AI which they did not apply to the Triglavians, apart from the logic of dividing the payout into ships like rockie ships that hardly give a blow already considers them as if they were in fleet so difficult is to use the same rules as shansha incursions?

Nor is it that they need extensive programming work to apply AI similar to triglavians and they also fire on small ships.
The quality of new CCP content is leaving much to be desired

honestly the dev should use the same Mechanic like incursion, ninja looter sucks


Shoot them. Invaded systems drop into lowsec so you can shoot them w/o concord intervention.

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