Triglavian Invasion or Event thats needs a closer look from CCP

Dear CCP and Capsuleers,
My friends and I, as well as a 500-person Discord, decided to fight for Triglavs in a new event that began a month ago. We really liked the idea of betraying the old empires and helping such cool Trig bros capture a little space under the sun in New Eden.
It’s been a month since then. We run fleets for 5 hours on weekdays and 12 hours on weekends and try to capture systems.
Of the “thousands of systems of New Eden”, we were only able to capture 5, compared to EDENCOM’s 20 (along the way, it was revealed that the Amarr NPC ships are much stronger than the Triglav NPC ships, and therefore the systems would come under the control of EDENCOM without any player participation. In general, this is strange how NPC ships should influence the event. I believe that no one should influence the balance of power in any given system besides the players)

So, back to the topic. For the whole month we’ve actually farmed for the idea, since this content doesn’t make ISK at all (unlike Sansha’s Incursions, for example) and all we’ve achieved is lowering the security status in 5 systems … Doesn’t it seem to you that this does not correspond to the expended efforts?

Okay, suppose that CCP really does have some kind of secret and everything will be different in the future. But we can ONLY gain significant standings with Triglav from dreadnought sites that ONLY appear at the 1st or 2nd stages of Liminality and only once every hour and a half. To get 10 standings with Triglav, we need to successfully complete 303 dreadnought sites. Don’t you think this is too unfair? We destroy thousands of NPC ships and get a change in standings of 0.001. In my opinion, this is a mockery of our efforts.

In addition to this, for the last week we have been unable to push ANY system into 1st Liminality. It doesn’t matter what color the stars are, how many stations, etc.

We are simply losing the motivation for further battle. I really want to believe that CCP did not introduce this invasion (and it has been going on in various stages for a whole year) just for a couple of useless systems with a lower security status than before. It is likely that in the future we are waiting for some kind of reward for our efforts.
At least introduce alternative sources of standings gain than dreadnought sites… Just farming NPCs for hours and not even seeing any reward for it - it’s depressing and demotivating.

Brief abstracts:

  • Difficulty of capturing systems for Triglav
  • The level of income is completely inconsistent with the effort (You can make hundreds of times more in the same period of time doing other things)
  • Disproportionate amount of effort put into the difficulty of gaining standings in favor of Triglav / Edencom
  • The overall uncertainty of the pro-Triglavian players

Options for solving the problem:

  • Increase standings with Triglav (Edencome) based on number of EDENCOM (Triglavian) ships destroyed, 0.001 standing for a ship. Or, in general, rework the mechanics of the set of standings to make personal progress felt.

  • Raise payouts and make them equivalent to 0.5x the payouts for Sansha’s Incursions or make another smaller multiplier, since farming with EDENCOM is still easier than Sansha. Currently, players in the fleet receive approximately 1m for a light anomaly and 3m for a complex one. It takes about 6 minutes to farm including warp time.

Sorry for my English, it is not my primary language to speak. A very big thanks to CreamKitsune , who helped me with text formatting and editing.
Fly safe . o7


That is the same for Edencom. I have run 100+ hours for Edencom, helped in 6 invasions so far and only have 0.03 standing because I cannot participate in any dreadnought system as they usually finish out of my timezone. What is your point?

It takes the same number of sites to gain significant Edencom standings. Totally unfair. Not to mention that you gain significant advantages over Edencom in each of your Final Loom systems. Your point is?

So does Edencom. But in contrast to you, Edencom has no tangible rewards so far. You, on the other hand, get farming grounds and disruption of high sec activity without any downsides for doing so.

Do you also complain about Caldari NPC, which are a laughing stock compared to all other Navies? Plus, why should the NPC not interfere? You want to take their space. If you want to take space without NPC interference, go to Null sec.

Edencom has the exact same issues. The reason why there are more fortress than final loom systems is simply because there were some instances where you simply didn’t show up and didn’t bother. Especially low sec systems are rather unattractive to either side.


Right now major victories are basically 4:1 in favor of Edencom and minor victories are evenly split. This does not appear to be an unreasonable ratio and the event is still in it’s early stages - things may heat up as we enter the 3rd quadrant.

I would assess the rewards based on the number of people participating in the content. If CCP are happy with the participation rate, why would they increase the rewards?

personally I expect more caldari systems to fall. If we’re lucky maybe we will manage to secure one after trig supporters get bored of whole thing

That seems to be CCP’s angle now. Just run event after event.

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