Why are only NPC controlled region systems affected by Triglavia invasions and not player controlled region systems?

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Because CCP thought it’d be more fun that way?

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Fun or not, this is not a fair balance!

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Fun or not, this is not a fair balance!

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What would be “fair balance”?

Because EVE is a PvP game and the competitive PvP game of empire building should not have one side granted unearned advantages by the NPCs. Triglavians get to take NPC space because nobody cares about NPC space outside of maybe 5-10 systems.


Because the only purpose of this event was to enable nullsec players to troll highsec players.


I mean, let’s take an extreme example.

Let’s say CCP put only 1 Triglavian invasion system in the game. And that was in the middle of Delve, Goon’s home region.

How many people would be able to participate? Pretty much only goons.
Who will be able to get all the cool new drops? Pretty much only goons.
Will random neuts be able to participate? Nope, Goons would kill them.

On top of that, it would just end up with Goons farming the new event with their armies of Titans and Dreads, collecting all the new loots, and getting even richer and fatter.

Have you even taken the time to think about this? Or were you just only focused on the security status change part of the entire event because you thought it would be a “ah-ha, gotcha, nullseccers!” moment?


Just imagine the accusations of favoritism CCP would get, that they picked a specific system instead of letting RNG do it. And could anyone really say the accusations are unjustified?

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First of all the Goons are not idiots to make this clear!

I see that the NPC controlled region systems are not affected player controlled region systems. The players from zero come to the NPC area to support Tirglavia invasions or Edencom
what is her good right fly back home and can continue playing completely unencumbered that is not okay it should also be possible to establish temporary high security systems in zero by Edencom that would be the right balance !!

Furthermore, the players in zero have had a very difficult time since the mining of Veldspar was exploited.

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If you take a better look ,you’d see that NPC null is unaffected by the invasion either. Case closed

I never said that, but nice attempt at derailing the topic.

Now you’re moving goalposts.

Unrelated to the conversation.

I’m guessing you don’t like getting called out and have resorted to just spamming random nonsense?


Ah now I know why you are so upset about my contribution you are afraid that HED could be made into a high security system by Edencom this would be a bitter pill for you and test

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Yes the pig is once again only hunted in HighSec through village

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And that is not true either. Just yesterday lowsec system of Nalvula entered final liminality

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Its a

TRIGVASION :partying_face:

also dont expect logic from CCP.
Logically u always get the system that would be least defended and with most resources. Lot of NPC null is like that.

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Ah, there it is, just like I said. You make it SO EASY to read your motives and figure out exactly what your issue is. :slight_smile:

The only thing you’re competent enough to discern about this event is the change in security status. But you’re not smart enough to figure out WHY or HOW a system’s security status changes.

Like I’ve already said when I called you out on your underlying point, this is not how the event works. CCP has determined that certain Low/High sec areas will be targeted by the Triglavians. As far as we know, no nullsec system has (or will) be targeted by the Triglavs.

I’m not sorry that your feelings have been hurt due to this. Currently, there haven’t been any indication that CCP is planning on making the Triglavians invade player nullsec (or even NPC nullsec, depending on how far you want to move the goalposts).

Can a system’s security status change due to the invasion? Yes.
Does this mean that nullsec security status MUST change? No.
If you can’t figure that out, sucks to suck. Hopefully at some point in your life, you’ll realize that you don’t always get what you want.

Feel free to make empty threats about HED-GP. I don’t really mind because EVEN IF it changes security status, it has zero impact on my personal gameplay. (But I know you’re going to take offense to this, so go ahead and flag my response, since that’s the most your pathetic existence can do on this forum <3 ).

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Exactly how are a few systems falling on the edges of High Sec stopping you going back and cowering in your 1.0 security High Sec home too?

The current invasions provide a mechanism to change the map in Empire space - some currently safe systems will become dangerous, some patterns of gameplay will be disrupted and players have agency - some control over which systems the Triglavians win.

In sovereign Nullsec the invasion could provide a mechanism to create pockets of NPC null in places that don’t already have them - that would be a good thing and I’m sure the Imperium would happily support a Trig invasion in Oasa if success meant the creation of an NPC system in that region with a Triglavian station!

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Because ccp never touches the nullblobs…the only time they did it (blackout) they paddled back the exakt moment the protests came in…


Changing high sec to low sec?

Really CCP??

You always surprise me with a new all time anti mmo market low…

This is the exakt opposite of what was needed…

Congrats…your ability to always hit the exact WRONG button if you do something amazes me…