Triglavian fleet content - is anyone doing it?

Are people actually running the sites in invaded Triglavian systems? Seems like I never see anyone in there and have had zero luck finding groups to fly these with. The interest just doesn’t seem to be there for any Trig content other than filaments and emerging conduits.

On a related note, does the 2.0 patch today just add more sites to invaded systems or is there more?

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They are trying to change EVE into some carebear Merry Go Round, that is not what EVE customers are in to.

Wait till they discover that they are pushing away the ONLY customer base they will ever have.

No one is coming from those PvE MMOs with their fancy graphics to play Spreadsheets R Us.

This will end like The Secret World, they re-released it as a shooter and lost their customer base; the predicted new players that like shooters never signed up. Why would they when console shooters are so vastly superior.


Well the issue is finding people wanting to do it, I have done emerging, minor and have skirmished in invasion systems, but have never done a Major (apart from accidently dying in one by mistake) or a mothership because I can never find a group doing them when I am active.

My experience has been like go in a number of channels ask a few times if anyone is doing them get no response and then decide emerging works for me. The most tedious thing in Eve is waiting around for other people to run content with, I think it is worse than any other game. And that is because of the nature of Eve.

Anyway it is what it is, I have enjoyed the Triglavian content that I have done so far and made a lot of ISK. I have however watched a fair few fun videos of other people running the higher level content, if you can find a group doing it when you play you should definitely partake of it.

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Sounds like we’ve had the same experience, Drac. I wish we could just queue up and get whisked away to the content like dungeons in other MMOs such as WoW. That said, I’ll spend some time trying to work out a way to get people together for this stuff because I find PvE fleet to be a lot of fun.


Groups that run the World Ark and todays new site are few and far between, mostly because after they have put in the effort (yes its an effort to devlop doctrines, train FC’s / Logi’s and equip ships) the loot from the site can be whisked away by one of the (several) ninja interceptor pilots that seem to swarm these sites.

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That’s disappointing. If anyone running these sites needs another pilot, please feel free to reach out to me. I can fly just about anything, including logi.

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The important thing here is that you be an abrasive asshole because I said something that you disagree with about a video game. Learn social skills irl imo.


You are coming to the forums of said game wishing it was something it is not, for your own personal preference, in spite of the existing customer base that likes it the way it is.

If social skills = selfishness you win.


Fortunately, social skills do not equal selfishness. If you can’t handle differing opinions about something in a public forum, maybe you should leave. Swearing at me or launching personal attacks because you don’t like something I have an opinion about is the height of immaturity and shows a deep lack of social skills. Personally, I’d love for CCP to cater a bit more to casual PvE gameplay and quit bowing and scraping to those that want to grief or mess up the experience of other players.


They should cry like nullsec carebears day in and day out and CCP will change size of a loot so small ships wont be able to scoop it flyby style.

That’s right, everyone who plays the game as it was designed is a griefer.

Basically all winners in any PvP activity are bad people.

Or… Possibly…

Someone is a sore loser?


First of all block Nicolai Serkanner.

It is a shame because the world ark fights look damn awesome, I really wish I could find people in my TZ. It is everything that is good about Eve, because it is damn challenging. I found the Minor Conduits great fun to, that last spawn Is nasty but every so often two random fleets arrive and it gets downright hairy.

I liked the look of the pylons, the complexity of those fights the mixing of roles and stuff, it was exactly what I wanted to do in this game, but sadly I just can’t get to it. I am not so much into the whisked away but it is really difficult to find and develop decent people to play with, it is like Eve is conditioned to be solo play with loads of people bitching that it is a team game and when there is great team content, no one around to play it because they are all grinding ISK to buy a Titan they will never use…


Don’t know what your problem is but stop shitting up this thread with all the PvP crap.

I swear it seems like all you guys ever do is constantly look for PvE threads to disrupt.


Just report him …

…and anyone else who does that


There a a few real instances of griefing in this game and CCP addresses them appropriately. People who enjoy the game and play within the rules bristle a bit at being referred to as griefers - hence the acerbic response you received.

As the game is designed to be a Massively MULTI-PLAYER online game, there is no pre-defined “experience “ provided; therefore, any interaction with other players is by design. While it may “mess up” one person’s experience, it may enhance the experience of the other person in the interaction.

Your desire to have CCP provide a better PVE experience is shared by many. Where you encounter resistance is by suggesting such improvements must come at the expense of altering the basis of the game and blaming those with differing play styles for your lack of enjoyment within the game.


If someone gratifies themselves on the suffering of others, griefing is the right term to use. CODE is a fine example. Just because people do things that are allowed in the rules of a game, doesn’t mean they aren’t griefers. Sure, it’s a competitive game in a lot of ways, but when you make your living by harming and stealing from others, it says more about your character for choosing to behave that way than it says about mine for pointing out that it makes you a bad person. And I don’t really need your condescending, patronizing lecture about why people on the Internet get upset about me sharing an opinion. I can read and understand words, thanks.

I’m getting real tired of this community. Here, and on the Eve subreddit, every time I post literally anything about anything, there’s a swarm of toxic jackholes that just roll up and start shitting all over everything. You want to know why the game is on the decline? Because 1: CCP isn’t changing with the times quickly enough and 2: this toxic BS you get assaulted with from every corner whenever you try to engage with the public at large. You want a better quality of person to play this game with? BE a better quality of person first. You want more new players to join Eve? Make the experience fun and pleasant instead of brutal and uninviting and toxic.


Well, ok then. I would really be interested to have you point out exactly which parts of my response were “toxic.” I thought it was rather mild.


Unless you purchased this character, you have been doing this since 2008. You should know EvE is a harsh, cold, unforgiving place.

Opinions vary on that.

You got the message, right?

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