New Triglavian Fleet Ops and general help with Fleets and Roles Channel

Hi fellow Evers, Newbros and Newsis,

We created an ingame Channel “Newbrosis Trigs” to get new (and old) players into Triglavian Fleet action.

There we will help you with general Fleet ops info, fits and roles.

if you are super new and short on isk we also have a loan program at 0% interest if you cant afford the entry level fit of your choosing yet.

We are looking forward to fly with you :slight_smile:


Vincent Wright

P.S. We are not affiliated with any Corporation or Alliance and want to keep it that way
e.g. my Toon is in Scope, an NPC corp and yes i love it there


Hey Vincent I think you were one of my first “friends” since I rejoined EvE, I’m interested in learning about this whole thing so I can gain experience in doing it.

I’ll try and start by joining Newbrosis Trigs but can you give some insight here about what Triglavian invasions really are and how they affect aything, and what you do to deal with them?

Hey Alistair, its truly best if u just join Newbrosis Trigs channel and ask away there we got lots of info in the MOTD :slight_smile:

Esle triglavian invasions are NPC invasions of mostly Highsec space. They are sorted by a core system the Foothold and ajecent systems. In those sytems Triglavian NPCs spawn at Gates, Stations and other Places. In Foothold systems there are additional Conduits, atm only minor ones. Minor Conduits are combat anomalys where every 30 mins triglavians spawn and u get Bounty and DED LP for defeating them.
In our fleets we deal with the conduits and with straglers throughout the system while the conduits are down to generate more loot and salvage.

I hope this helps as a starter.

See u in Channel or even in Fleet

P.S. We are also currently working on establishing a Mining Fleet ops. Join Newbrosis Mining Channel for Info

On the 13.06 we cleared our first Major conduit.
We generate about 50mill/h for our participants

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Very nice. I’m just getting back into game (did the free month years ago) but would love to do some content. What is lowest SP fit you’d take into action?

Just check out the Channel ingame we can talk about anything there rly. I can throw u some fits and u tell me if u can fly them. E.g. our entry lvl dps ride is a caracal, corax if need be. T1/Meta 4 will do. Tech 2 what u can and ur fine. Salvage roles can be done by anybody who can fly a tech 1 frig and some salvagers rly. so yeah entry lvls are quite low.
cu ingame


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How do I join your corporation, can’t seem to get any response on discord.

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