Just wandering, question from a returning player

I have returned to the game after many years of not playing…
I was doing bit of exploration in a Triglavian system? not sure if thats a thing…
Anyways I spotted 2 sites I couldn’t get in with my Drake to the jump gates.
One of the gates was completely new to me… it loos like big triangle in space…
Anyways went back and grabed my destroyer cormorant which I use for the smaller mission restriction…
After entering… I saw a bunch of ships… soon after I was zerged plus my pod was destroyed?!!
That never happened to me… usually rats leave your pod or am I mistaken or is this a new thing…
Lost like 200 mil in my implants etc… not that I think I was using them anyways as im only playing Alpha atm…
Anyone help me clarify what happened and if as an Alpha I could do these sites,what ship and or equipment I need to survive these Starving Damavik from Triglavian Collective…

CCP added some rats that pod now. Pretty lame if you ask me.


The Triglavian invasion took place in 2019-2020. It resulted in 27 systems being removed from empire space to a new region called Pochven. There are also a number of so-called Minor Victory systems remaining in empire space that are controlled by Triglavians and where anyone with negative standing can be attacked though the risk is low if you’re just passing through.

The Triglavians use newer PVE code which may eventually be applied to older PVE content - there is a higher level of risk but a correspondingly higher level of reward.

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Thanks for explaining.
Any Idea what kind of ship and or Fit I need to face this challange?

I do triglavian invasion PVE with fleets.
@Darkdarcek Can i send you an eve mail?

Dont mind if you do but I play mostly Solo…
So this is kinda group only mission…
Wish I knew that before I went in there :sweat_smile:

Its optimal to run the sites with a group.
Every character in the group gets the same payout when finishing the site.
If there is more than a certain number of characters completing a site then the per character payout is less.
For incepid rouge drone sites the payout is 8m isk and the optimum number of characters is 3.

I also do abyssal fleets.
Trust me.
I can give you a ship.
Then the risk is mine.
EVE is a multiplayer game.


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