How to adress several issues with Triglavian invasion content

Hello Everyone,

As an FC who is running fleets for the Triglavian invasion content, I have noticed there are several issues that need attention. I will explain the issues and what kind I think will resolve it.

- Leechers and ninja salvagers :
I want to stress that the current setup on how rewards are given is good. Splitting pay-outs over all the people who contributed discourages an ISK and DPS race where the winner takes it all. It does need a little tuning to improve upon it.

Leechers will enter a site in a small frigate or even an corvette, after a fleet has gone in. They will do a tiny bit of damage on 1 triglavian ship and start salvaging wrecks. The issue is that this will result in a player not being at any risk and is able to leech on the hard work and risks taken by fleets.
Having a dedicated salvager or salvagers in the fleet will minimize/solve the loot/salvage issue but doesn’t resolve the leeching on the pay-outs. Let’s change the AI of the Triglavian in conduits to have these late arrivals draw agro instead of the fleet that is already in there. That way anything small will not survive long enough to leech on the pay-out for clearing a conduit.

The current observatorie flashpoints have a similar issue; staying in the 1st pocket can result in you getting paid, even though you did not enter the 2nd pocket and cleared the actual site. If a fleet of ships does this, it kills the reward pay-out for the fleet that run the 2nd pocket. This needs to be fixed asap.

-Access to end-content sites
Especially with the upcomming new content, everyone will want to try the end-content sites. In chapter 1 these where the World Ark proving grounds, in the current 2nd chapter it are the observatorie flashpoints. The main issue is that the blizters and wealthy few are able to dominate any other group. This will only result in it being an ISK and DPS race and it will kill the content.

More sites will not resolve the issue as it encourages blitzing and expensive ships & fits in order to claim certain spoils. It will lock out a lot of people who want to experience this content but are unable to get in.
My suggestion would be to put a restriction timer on all people who were in a end-content site when it is completed. This timer will prevent them from entering another end-content site for x-minutes. This way you will enable more groups to run the end-content sites as the ones that just run a site, will be unable to chain-run the sites the moment they spawn.


I haven’t been running these but on the above; i could just keep warping in alts in corvettes or speed fit ceptors to repeatedly draw aggro and ‘tank’ the room.

What’s wrong with pay only going to fleet members like incursions?

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If the incursions method of reward pay-out is applied, only one fleet would get the pay-out. That opens the can of worms that other fleets will not get anything and it’s a DPS race where fleets contest eachother. That means the content becomes less accessable.
With the current setup, fleet vs fleet in a single conduit of flashpoint is not worth it as it cuts the reward for everyone. That should stay in place.

In the observatory flashpoint, agro will switch around, even if a fleet has agro and an individual flies in after. This will result in most loot thieves being blown up if they time it wrong. If that is applied in conduits as well, that would be ideal.

Who cares if some random person gets a few million ISK as long as they aren’t ninja looting the site. The method you described could also be easily trolled.

For example, I would warp to 100km in a Rattlesnake, volley a few cruise missiles, draw aggro, and keep tanking them and hitting the MJD and drag them hundreds of KM’s away from the event site so no one gets anything.

I could also warp to the event in a cloaked stealth bomber, get a single hit with a torpedo, re-cloak, and sit there until you kill all the mobs and still get the reward anyway.

As Triglavians don’t pod, I could also warp in, get a single hit, catch aggro, let them kill my little frigate, and just sit there in my pod and get the reward.

And if any player has the notion to pod me, well, Concord will make sure you lose your shiny Conduit running ship in a blaze of glory. All over a couple million ISK…

The incursion system stops ninjas.

Anything else allows ninjaing or leechers in some way. Leechers and a second fleet are the same thing as far as the server is concerned.

Cloaking till the last second, speed fit ceptors etc

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It’s not possible to have ninjas because no one owns the content.


You will never get everything troll or abuse proof. What you can do is at least raise the barrier to make it less easy.

What you’re talking about has established itself eventually as the OneMoreNerf meme.

Until the next guy comes,
declares that it’s not yet enough,
and says the same thing.

The exactly same thing.
Seen it many dozens of times over the last decade.

“The bar needs to be raised just a little higher.”

Yet again.
And again.
And again.

There will always be someone who declares that “it’s not enough yet” …
as long as it is possible to leech/interfere/wardec/suicidegank/etc. !

These kinds of people will not stop complaining …
… until “the bar got raised so high” that it’s simply not worth even trying anymore.

Only then people like you will ultimately be happy,
because at that point no one will come and try anymore.

Conclusion: Go away. Thanks.

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For incursions, you have to be in a ship to claim a payout. Pods claim nothing

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The issue is that there is no counter and the risk-reward ratio is extremele tilted in favour of the leaching.
The leacher currently runs no risk and can easily get rewards that add up to 60-80 mil isk an hour, not including possible salvage. A corvette is free, so if you would suicide gank it, the leacher can get a new one without losing anything. The ganker however can’t do it again for 15 minutes, not to mention the sec. standing hit and shiploss when performing the gank.

That is an issue that needs to be adressed, especially for those that run public fleets (like myself). It can be really hard to keep people motivated when they have no counter while others leach of their efforts.
The fix can be relatively easy by changing the agression behaviour of the triglavians.

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