Invasion Sites... Increase DED payout while reducing salvage/loot rewards by same levels

Total overall rewards stay the same… The option for people to ninja steal/salvage remains there… the option to leech off of other players minor sites remains there…

but at least I don’t have to worry about the 1 mil destroyer, alpha pilot ninja salvaging and taking such a massive chunk of the fighting fleet’s payout.

I love invasions I think the content is really fun. Keeps you on your toes, the ship builds for it are endless. It’s a lot of fun. But watching cheesy alpha pilot ninja-salvagers and looters walk away with the fleets booty isn’t so fun. Should make it less profitable or at least let the fleets doing the sites defend against it somehow without being labeled a criminal and concorded.

Agreed, and this would have the effect of making salvage and loot more rare, and thus t2 triglavian ships more expensive and valuable. That way while still profitable in terms of isk like incursions, it is also paramount to loot and salvage quickly.

Better idea. When system is invaded, CONCORD screws off. Maybe not system-wide, as we don’t want it to become a pirate gank-machine, but maybe CONCORD only responds near stations/gates – just not in the triglavian areas. Fits the lore aspect. Then you can just blap the morons stealing your salvage.

beware of what you wish for

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