Triglavian Invasion Intel

Last night was my third time doing the invasion. First night i used a phantasm, joined a fleet doing a foothold, after getting primary, and neuted, my phantasm died really fast, like stupid fast. Decided to get a ship that had a little more meat, so im now using a Nighthawk.

Second night, i joined a fleet from the “Triglavian Defense” channel, we did well, it was like 20+ people 4 logi’s, was no issues, only people died were the people that didnt broadcast for reps. Only problem i have with these fleets, is that they like to control the loot and not give anyone any shares, and save it for “SRP’s”… Someones getting filthy rich…

Last night i decided to run solo in a Perimeter system, and finally got a chance to notice the strange behavior of these new NPCs. Heres what i noticed.

There doesnt seem to be any Anchoring triglavian ship in Perimeters. (These are the scram ships)
You have to D-Scan or probe down their ships to find them.
They use lots of ewar, the biggest concern is ewar that effects tracking/missile performance, creating a hard time for a solo pilot to apply dps making two pilots ideal for Perimeters.
They will warp after you if you warp away low shields/armor.
All the isk is in the salvage, occasionally you’ll get a loot drop, but most is salvage.
Ninja Salvaging is out of control in the invasions, prepare to lose a large portion of your profits to this.

Something peculiar that i noticed.
After being in the system for awhile killing them and warping around. It became apparent to me that i wasnt having a very hard time finding them, like i was when i had first arrived in the system. In fact, it almost seemed like they had begun hunting me. This leads me to believe there may be some kind of aggression timer of some sort. I would warp to a asteroid belt, and within a minute, i would have a small fleet land on me, and quickly escalate into a much tougher force.

I had gotten into the habit of targeting the Renewing trigs first, which are the repair ones, so they started to pull range immediately staying 30+ km out, which before they would stay within 10km.

I was using salvage drones, and at first i could leave the salvage drones out the entire time, and they woudnt target them, but 30mins - 1hr later they started targeting them as soon as i would launch them, like split second.

There is some adaptable AI going on with these new ships, and its a good thing. Look forward to learning more, if i notice anything else worth mentioning, i’ll be sure to comeback and notate it. If you’ve experience anything peculiar, please do share your story.


Protector X -

Would it be worth it to use a Marauder that can solo L4 Missions using an armor tank with t2 guns?

If so, I think that would help fit off the neuters, while you go after the different rats that spawn and salvage the kills

Seen Marauder activate is Baiston module, and it agro’d every trig in range on it, and it died fast.

Not sure if this is still happening with the latest patches.

In the perimeter systems, you will be fine. Once you go to the adjacent and the foothold system, you may become overwhelmed, and considering these two systems warp scramble, you could be in some trouble with any active tank, given the neuts.


I think Perimeter systems now scram now as well.

Since when? Two days ago theire werent, wasnt any invasions last night when i was on, so could verify that.

I think after the Tuesday DT. I would have to double check but I got dunked by a large fleet with an anchoring Kiki and 2 Leshaks and I am pretty sure I was in a prim system.

Phase 2?

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