Mission running during Triglavian invasion

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to the game.
Right now I’m just running a few missions now and then.

Now there is a Triglavian invasion in my favourite system. And the question is, will I still be able to run missions and ignoring the invasion?
I tried it yesterday and always got away when I ran into a group of Triglavians. But the invasion was at stage “scouts reported” and nobody did warp scramble me.
I think I stand no chance when they start to warp scramble me. Do they do this in later stages of the invasions, or can I get away when I run into them?

Thanks for your help!

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yup you can, youll only see them near a gate or citadel, and you just need to warp away

It depends. The rats on gate don’t point, so assuming you can align, you will GTFO.
Of course if you use AP you are dead.
The rats are even better with slow fat ships, as they web them, thus allowing them to align faster.

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