Do I still need to avoid Triglavian Invasion system?

Hi, I am a newbie and is doing level 3 mission in high-sec.
I choose my current system because this is the only corp under gallente fedoration that have 2 lv3 agent at same station.
However a adjacent system (which need to pass almost every mission) warns me that it is invaded by triglavian, I haven’t met any of them yet. I googled and found this is an activity years ago, so can I just disable the warning or should I be careful?

Any system that has been invaded by the Trigs has a chance of having hostile rats and a version of Trig gate guns that will shoot on sight.
Unless you have done something to boost your standings (intentionally or not) with the Trigs then you should assume they will try and shoot you. But, because you have said that you travel through the system often you might have standings with the Trigs that are over 0.01 (which is when they will stop shooting you).
I would first check your standings tab and see if you have standings with them that are over 0, if you can’t find them on that tab or you have 0 standings or lower then you should assume that you have a chance of getting blown up any time you enter that system.

If you have low or no standings with the Trigs then you should try and boost them some, which can be done by going to Pochven and blowing up rouge drones.

Here is a link to a Eve Uni guide on boosting standings with the Trigs: Getting positive Triglavian and EDENCOM standings - EVE University Wiki

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Thank you!
I have no standing to it, I think I am just lucky till now. I’ll go find the drones.

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