How to see if a system is currently being invaded

I just went through 12 gates in my procurer to find out that the system I was jumping into was being invaded by Trigs and that those Trigs would guard asteroid fields making mining impossible for me. Is there a way to tell whether the systems I’m planning on going to are currently in such a state of turmoil?

A small other question, what is the recommended drone size to be used against Trig turrets? I’m currently using light scout drones and they don’t seem to get the job done. Are medium or heavy better equipped for the task?

On the systems map there is an option to display Trig minor victory systems.

Most Trig systems are around Jita.

ps- Get standings with the Trigs. It isn’t hard. Then they won’t attack you.

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The game warns you when you’re about to enter an ENDENCOM or Trig system, holding on the jump till you confirm. The pop up also has a “don’t warn me any more” tick box. You can change the auto-dismissal of this pop up in the preferences there:

(probably the one above endencom, in my screenshot, too)

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I found it elsewhere, probably more appropriate: if you click the A of the route planner, you get the drop-down to specify your prefered path-finding method, manage route, etc. + what @Samandri_Arctic_Kren was looking for.


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