Question on Triglavian systems

I recently came back to game and was under the assumption that the Triglavian invasion was over, but while jumping to another system it gave me a Triglavian invasion warning but never showed the icon for them.
My question is do they still gate camp these systems and if I jump in could I be attacked…I lost a rattlesnake that way awhile ago.

Perhaps you jumped into an edencom controlled system. Dunno. Regardless, trigs can spawn in triglavian minor victory systems, and systems where trig wormholes spawn (within 3 or 4 jumps of where the pochven systems used to be). This means that trigs can spawn in a bunch of systems, and that it’s really not feasible to try to avoid the all. Thus, your best bet is to get dual positive standings with trigs and edencom, so that you don’t have to worry about either.

Welcome back @Xsarec4

There was a Triglavian controlled system on the route of completing the Grand Prix New Eden this weekend, gate guns and needing sub 2 second warp unless your status is Trig Selective positive.

I never stuck around to note the system.

A list of all 28 Triglavian minor victory systems can be found here Triglavian Invasion Status - EDENCOM Defense Initiative

Triglavian Minor Victory systems can be camped, even worse they can also contain Entropic Werposts, these are trig deployable sentry guns, they do high damage and spawn response fleets when attacked

As mentioned the best way to deal with this is to gain Trig standings which can be done fairly trivially by just taking a target painting vigil in to Pochven and finding a rogue drone or drifter fleet being engaged and just target paint one of the drifter/drone ships that is about to explode

Gaining Standings In Pochven - EDENCOM Defense Initiative has some information on what the standings are used for and how to gain them

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