Triglavian Minor Victory system

So, I was not around when this whole Trig event happened, and I have no standing of any kind with them. I got a mission to do in their system, so I did some searching online and found horror stories about NPC gatecamps with instalock points and podding, so I scouted out the gate, and went ahead with accepting the mission and getting in and out of there. Now question: is the horror stories still true? Is scouting out the gate safe enough, or better do something about that standing? If I get positive with Trig, will I then get shot at somewhere else? I see these edencom structures near gate, will that piss those off?

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Get better standing with google.

Yes thanks genius, I read it already. This does not help. Other than gate camps, is there additional risk in missioning in their systems without standing? I did a bunch, and it seems to work fine.

How do I raise my standings with Google?

Last I knew, trigs would randomly attack on sight if you have zero standing with them. I’m not sure of the trigger to make them do that, but be aware, especially if they are stationed near a celestial or gate.

FYI I’m triglavian clayde negative and EDENCOM positive for standings, so I have fair reason to fear them (they are no joke).

Don’t shoot trigs or edencom. Nope.

If you have never shot a trig or edencom you are in luck. You can get in an expendable ship and pod, go to Pochenhell using the cheapest filament (Internal or Home “Pochven” filament) to get there, kill a single rogue drone. This will microscopically increase your standing with both trigs and edencom. Then use a Glorification filament to get back out, or just kill your pod there to get out.

You will find rogue drones at Incipient Drone Swarm sites to which you can warp to at 100km. You just have to kill 1.

All that is not as easy as it sounds, but since you are essentially neutral right now, it only takes one rogue drone killed in a Pochen system. There are YouTube videos.


I have afk’d a freighter into a camp at an out gate. Came back to my PC to see myself webbed and in structure so I turned the auto-pilot off and warped away.

Yes there are camps. They don’t do much damage and they didn’t warp disrupt a freighter that they had clearly been attacking for at least a minute.

See, this was 100% helpful. And I did not see this info when searching Google first time around. Thank you kind sir.

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It’s called Poochven :dog: :dog: :dog:

I don’t understand half of what’s being discussed here but it’s clear this thread has “gone to the dogs”. :smirk:

Read it again. this time read the part I highlighted.

Yes, it is remember, you can jump INTO a gate camp not OUT. There are no warp disruption bubbles in HS/LS The roaming fleets stick near belts, stations, and so on. They don’t go to dead space pockets. Such as missions. They don’t even change ratting anoms. If you’re inside a minor system you can easily get out if you warp to a gate on 0.

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