There is no longer any warning before jumping into a trig/minor victory system. And it does not show up on route planner

There is no longer any warning before jumping into a trig/minor victory system.
It does not show up on route planner.

Is this an oversight or what?


Which is exactly zero to do with the OPs question

Currently if you create a route you can choose to avoid the minor victory sites, but you cannot avoid one or the other, you have to avoid both, and if you are just flying somewhere without have a route plotted… then well you’re stuffed… terrible design



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Could you make this a priority topic with CCP?
Would like to both fine tune autopilot/route planner to be able to highlight only one faction and reinstate warning banners/messages on gates for minor victory systems.


I know it’s a hassle but you can use this site and manually add the systems you want to your avoidance list.

This shows how to access your Avoidance List -


There is no direct access into trig t-space from k-space.

All gates were turned off!

Only access to the trig space is var WH or special filaments.

So warming are no longer required.

There are still minor victory systems around new eden with roaming trigs and trigs guns at gates.

you filament to those systems from trig npc space. Problem is that those system are not marked in game as “invaded” systems.

28 minor victory systems controlled by the Trigs.
Those gate guns hurt!


And edencom turrets don’t?

They haven’t changed from before.

If you have 0.001 trig standing they don’t attack.

Issue is not if they attack or not. EDENCOM and trig minor victory aren’t marked in game. There is no way to say if system is hostile without using third party tools or jumping on NPC gate camp.


First of all the text in the auto-pilot settings is just wrong. It should read “avoid EDENCOM and trig” not “EDENCOM or trig”. But really we need separate settings to avoid EDENCOM and avoid trig because most players are friendly with one side or the other.

Also, even if you add one of these systems to your “avoid” list you can still set it as a destination with the game giving no warning. I run a lot of escalations and memorizing all these systems will be difficult. Manually checking each destination in a 3rd party tool is tedious.

I really hope this is a high priority for fixing.

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Considering the CCP commentary about how they really want to bring up the amount of ship destruction, I find it difficult to believe this is a bug/oversight that wasn’t deliberately put on the “do later” list because of the potential ship loss it will cause.

I’m sure there was a QA department around here somewhere…


I don’t think so. More likely it will show as unreachable.

I remember years ago CCP added Jita to everybody’s avoidance list by default and when you tried to set a destination to it, the game would show an infinite amount of jumps or something like that… Basically meaning the target system was unreachable.

As far as I can see there is nothing inside the victory systems anyway now. What would you need a warning for

Oh there very well can be…

My toon is friendly with edencom, so if i use that setting thres around 80 systems in my avoidance list that are perfectly safe to me. (makes amarr space basically useless…)

And what about edencom fortress systems? That setting only mentions minor victories. I think those systems are still dangerous for trig friendly pilots.

Incompetence is great in this design…

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Go shoot Rogue drones. You gain standings for both edencom and trigs. You can be blue to both

Is this actually correct?

Makes very little sense that rogue drones would have anything to do with that conflict…